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    Default Couples Negril after Couples Swept Away... will we miss CSA?

    We went to CSA this past April and really loved it! We are beach people and we were just amazed with the beach, lush grounds and excellent food. We stayed in an atrium room, but it was a too noisy for me and so I would need an ocean or beachfront verandah if we return. Next year we have to go to Negril in March when it is much more expensive. I have booked Couples Negril for 3 main reasons: first it consistently gets great reviews on travel sites, second there seems to be very little worry about getting a place on the beach, third is cost.

    We are headed for Couples negril (lowest category room) for March 2013. I do like trying new resorts. Honestly, I want to give Couples Negril a chance and I know we will love not having to get up early to reserve a spot on the beach as we did at CSA. I just can't seem to stop thinking about CSA and worrying that we won't be as satisfied while at CN.

    I am concerned if I go to CSA I will have to stay in the lowest category room and that it will be loud! I really want ocean or beachfront, but it will blow the budget big time.

    I'm worried CN is not as lush and beach oriented as CSA. Also, i wonder if the compact size will get old after 8 nights???

    If you are a CSA fan, did you love CN as much? Thanks for any help!

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    The only thing I would miss somewhat is the beach is not as long at CN and we like to walk, so we do trading places or sometimes take a cab down to the other beach at CSA from CN walk it for the afternoon.

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    We went to CN after a visit to CSA. We both loved CSA more. The rooms at CN are more hotel like. I like the BFVS at CSA because of their location and tropical feel. We had a good time at CN, just like the liveliness of the beach at CSA! Couples does offer the Love Away Plan for a booking so far out like yours. Maybe that will help. You put $100 down and then pay $100 per month with the remainder due 46 days prior to arrival. Ah Heck, Negril is beautiful where ever you stay

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    They are both...WONDERFUL. We love them equally. They are very much alike but different as well. You will not miss CSA. You will simply have another resort you fall in love with. By the way, we love CSS also. All three are wonderful in their own way. CTI is the only resort we do not love, but we like it a lot.

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    We have stayed at CSA 7x with #8 booked for next month and CN once.

    We did enjoy CN and my husband preferred the beach there as it is more private. We both preferred the pool at CN even though this is something we very rarely use when in Negril.

    We both missed the expansive and gorgeous grounds, the large terraces on all the rooms (barely used the small patio at CN), the ala carte dining options for all meals which CN does not offer, the steam room, the juice bar, SeaGrapes, and the more options for nightlife.

    I also really missed the sports complex and guest yoga instructors.

    We had actually booked CN for this trip but winded up switching to CSA as I knew I especially would miss the many aspects of the resort I so enjoy.

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    You split you stay.

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    It is known that most people fall in love with the first Couples resort they go to. It is true. You can't stop thinking about it. You will love CN but you will miss CSA. Enjoy the garden room at CN. That is where we always stay. You get to enjoy the lush tropical jungle feel but you are not too far from anything.

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    I know what you mean about the Atriums being too loud. We started in an old garden room right by the road, and found it extremely noisy, then transfered to an Atrium. We were on the top floor, and had a couple below us, talking all night long outside on their balcony.
    We enjoyed CN, but I did not like the rooms there. We had a garden room, and although it was quiet, the balcony was so small, and I did not like the bathroom. Only one person could be in there at a time. I also found the entertainment better at CSA. I know your delema, because sleeping at night is important, and once you are there, there is little you can change.

    We love CSS now. Its very tropical, and the rooms are large quiet with large bathrooms. You can eat open air in every restaurant, and the entertainment is all outdoors. Good luck with your choice. Maybe consider a Great House room at CSA, since that is what your CN room will be more like regardless of catagory.

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    We went to CSA four times and then tried CN. We spent the first few days noticing what we missed and then started noticing all the things we liked better. The next year we returned to CN but then back to CSA two more times in the following years. If we were going to Couples this year I'd probably want to go to CN. There is much to like about both.

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    We usually go to CN but last year tried CSA. The taxi stopped to drop off a couple staying at CN, and we just looked at each other wondering if we made a mistake. It's very hard to compare these two resorts as they are very similar but also different. Personally, we will always only return to CN. We did enjoy CSA and had we never experienced CN would probably be booking CSA. Vacation is what you make of it, and spending your hard earned vacation comparing this to that, you're better off just enjoying whatever is available.

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