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    Default Remembering CN...'s been more than a year since we've been to CN. Waaayyy too long for me. But we are booked again for April, and meeting some good friends there, so life's getting better. With that said, let me post a few things I miss about CN.
    And please add your own, I would love to see everyone else's memories......

    I miss the thrill and excitement of the bus ride...I know hard to believe.
    That first sight of the pool and pool bar from the lobby, you know when it hit's you..."I'm home"!
    I miss Franklyns smile...
    The sound of the birds fighting for leftovers at Cassava breakfast
    And one thing I will never have again....I miss Bryans laugh!!!

    Please my brothers and sisters, add on.....take me home!!!

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    The first Red Stripe at the airport lounge...

    When you first walk into your room, open the balcony door, walk outside and take a deep breath....

    The grin on your face as you walk up to the pool bar to order your first drink...

    The Water Sports guys...

    Tree frogs at night...

    The first step into Bloody Bay...


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    Oh the memories. We were at CN in June and we missed it the second we were on the airplane leaving.
    I miss the sound of the tree frogs singing us to sleep at night.
    The red flags in the sand and having a frozen drink while looking out at the beautiful, clear, calm water while listening to the cigar/ cigarette guy yelling it's going to be a hot, hot, hot one.
    I miss deciding on which of the wonderful restaurants to eat at each evening.
    And I miss just chilling out and relaxing with my wonderful hubby and not having to worry about anything but having a great a time.
    Can't wait to go back next summer. Counting the days!!!!

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    Walks along the beach...
    Aquabics classes every morning ...
    Feeding the fish in the ponds ...
    Walking up and down the hills at Negril Hills

    Mostly - thinking how lucky we all are to have such a wonderful seconds home with such a great large family!

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    We just got back and those memories live in our head till the next year. That cool and refreshing lemongrass washcloth when you arrive. The beautiful beach and joy of floating in the bay. We love how we feel when we are able to completely relax.

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    We have just recently returned from CN. I miss the calm, very calm warm water in Bloody Bay. I stayed in the water all day long. I miss the tree frog sounds. I miss "the drink of the day".I miss the lobster dinner. I miss the cigarette/cigar man.I miss the smile on my face every morning when I woke up knowing that I got to be at Couples another day.

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    I miss watching my husband walk up and down the beach, knowing he is completely relaxed. He has such a stressful job. Seeing his smile when he see me with his cold red stripe and cigar waiting.

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    I totally can Relate. This is the one time all year when I see my husband smile from morning to night. He only takes one vacation all year and it has to be CN.

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