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    Default If you’ve never been anywhere else, why do you keep coming back to Couples?

    Because Couples Negril is PERFECT!!!
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    LOL... People ask us that all the time. But I know that if we go someplace else we will compare it to Couples the whole time and in the end we will end up saying we wish we had just gone to Couples. We go twice a year and it is merely a vacation to relax and unwind from our crazy life so its great to go someplace we feel is a second home to us and we know we will not feel disappointed at the end.

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    More importantly, after having been to Grand Cayman, Aruba, Anitgua, Guadeloupe, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Cozumel, Ft. Lauderdale, Captiva Island, etc., etc.,...Why do we keep coming back to CN? Because NOTHING else compares! As far as tropical vacations go, since our first trip to CN, we have not been anywhere else. CN, 3 times in a row, and booked for our 4th trip next May!!!

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    Couples was our first AI. Went to the competion for awhile, mainly because of the hotels on the other islands. We are back and wonder why we didn't come back sooner. Great food not mediocre, Better alcohol selection, no cast system (haves and have nots!). Great service. And you can't beat Jamaica. My home away from home.
    Class act all around not just in their advertising.

    Carol and Dave....

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    AMEN!!!! We just returned from Couples Negril and that's exactly how we've described it to everyone. PERFECT!!!!

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    I have been other places, but now I think I am ruined. No other resort can ever live up to the experience we had at CSA.

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    Because Couples was a close to paradise as one can get on Earth. So if you are look for another romantic trip with your love of your life why would you chance going so where else.

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    When you've already found perfection, why look any more?

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    My husband will only take one long vacation a year so it has to be CN. We love laid back with fabulous food and drink and an awesome beach. I stay in the calm bay waters all day long. Everyone at the resort knows us now. We dream about returning. I don't know. There is just a pull to get back there.

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    I have traveled the world yet none of those trips are "vacations". You can't compare a 14-day bus tour or ten days in Costa Rica or a month in Japan to any length of time in Jamaica. Couples is a vacation, all the others are trips or excursions or adventures or any other name you choose to tag them with. I, now we, need a vacation every six months, and having found Couples to be the perfect place to unwind (although admittedly I'm already pretty much retired and spend several days a week on the beach) have no desire to improve upon perfection.

    Since the early 80s, when there was only Couples Jamaica, I've been back more than twenty times with next three trips already booked.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    You know, we absolutely love Couples resorts. And are multiple-repeat visitors. We will probably return many more times if we are so blessed to still be able to. That being said, there are many, many other places we enjoy going, and look forward to experiencing, so we like to alternate Couples with those other places.

    Couples is the only all-inclusive we have been to, however. Just like so many people here say they cannot imagine going anywhere else, I can't imagine ONLY going to Jamaica. The world is a pretty diverse place and I would feel shortchanged not having seen other places and experienced other cultures. Jamaica is beautiful and the Couples experience is amazing, but I wouldn't limit myself to that as my only option.

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    I can not wait. It sounds so magical. I hope my expectations aren't too high.

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    The answer to that is with another question--Why mess with something perfect?

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    the way we see it - if it isn't broken - don't fix it. We don't want to spend our money and possibly not get the same food/service/drinks. Until Couples breaks what they have, we will keep returning

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    Couples just fits for us!

    Life is good

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    For the same reason I only have one wife. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    For us, it is all about the world class service. One year, about 6 years ago, we booked a last minute trip to Jamaica over Memorial Day weekend - Less than a week out. Couples Negril and Swept Away were both booked solid. Our travel agent gave us what she said was a fabulous resort right next to CN. That was about all it was. Next to CN. Not fabulous. Not even close to what CN offered ... my hubs and I said that we'd never do another all inclusive unless it was Couples. And so far we've been true to our word.

    Our trips are now few and far between and mostly include Disney with the kids but Couples Negril has been our "home" since we were married there in 1999. I can't wait to return!
    Kristie & Tim
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    We have travelled to many places in the world and still do but our relaxation vacation every year is to couples.

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    there's two ways to learn something is a bad idea, either grab the hot stove or watch someone else do it. I choose that latter

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    we went to CTI for our honeymoon then went to other islands and resorts after coming home to CSS two years ago we relized there is no other place to be. They just know how to keep a great home

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    Actually, we did try somewhere else…once! We honeymooned at CN in 2006. While we were still there, we decided that we would return. My wife said every 5 years and I said every year. We settled on every 3 years.

    The next winter, we went to Key West which was much more expensive, colder and not very relaxing. Our “resort” advertised a beach on the Gulf, but it was only big enough for about 6 chairs and the swimming area was too small to swim in. No activities and only one crappy restaurant. That was not a resort! We had to rent a car to go to the “world class” Smather’s Beach. World Class? Nice sand but far, far from CNs beach.

    We tried Vegas the next winter and froze our petuties off.

    Third year was time to go back to Couples, so we did a split with 8 days at CSS and 8 or 9 days at CN. Well, my wife was convinced! After a couple days back in Jamaica, she said, okay every year will be fine. And every year we return. Sure, we still take summer vacations every year, but when the Iowa winter sets in, it’s time again for Couples! I have no desire to mess with perfection!
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    We took a cruise in March, and while it was fun, it was nothing compared to our week at CSA in 2010. It's hard to explain to people who haven't been there, but, like everyone says, once you go, you know. We're heading to CTI in December

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    Words cannot express how amazing it was to stay at CTI last year. We consider ourselves fortunate to find a place that took care of us so well. It was/is the place we will hold all other locales to in comparison. With that being said, we still have AT LEAST 3 vacations left before we finish the Couples' loop. CSA December 2012 coming up next!!

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    CSA was our first Jamaican destination and experience and we were married in the gazebo there several years back. We obviously fell in love with the place and return on every trip to Jamaica.

    We also fell in love with Negril in general and upon exploration, found many different vibes and experiences available in different parts of Negril. We now split up our stays between non-AI properties Catcha and Seastar in the West End and Cliffs area and CSA for the beach. This provides us the variety we enjoy.

    We will ALWAYS come back to CSA. The Atrium suites are something unique that we haven't found anywhere else and our trips would not be complete without an afternoon nap in our Atrium suite hammock.

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