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    Default Booking info/help?

    First timer for Jamaica and any type of all-inclusive here. After a bunch of research we are looking forward to our honeymoon at CSS!!
    (I've been lurking here and on Tripadvisor alot recently!)
    Hoping for some advice about booking throught the couples website or using an agent/site.
    Leaving from Toronto in early October and booking through the site seems that it will save me a couple hundred dollars over using an agent or travel site which is cool, but it'd be the first time I do online booking of an entire vacay...
    Flights appear to be the same provider so no issue there, but I am still leery, and feel I may be missing something a travel agent "does".
    Also, short of calling my bank, can any Canucks provide insight on getting dinged on the USD conversion rate by their credit card?
    Any thoughts or advice overall?

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    I believe Couples has there own set of agents for people who book through the site, but I'm not positive on that.

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    I booked our room directly through Couples, and our airfare through Delta (I was able to watch the flight rates and got a better deal that way). I've never used a TA for any of my trips, and after reading the message boards, everyone seemed to have positive things to say about booking directly through Couples We leave in September, so hopefully all goes smoothly!

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    Cheers for the replies!

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    Booking a package is generally the least expensive way to go. A travel agent gets the same "deals" information you get however they may have access to better flights. The exchange from USD to CND varies per credit card company and booking through an agent gives you the Canadian funds so there are no surprises. I am a Couples Preferred Agent, if you require booking assistance please drop me a note. Although I am based in Alberta I can assist with your requirements. rose_lloyd at

    6th time repeater LOVE COUPLES!
    I am not high Maintenance, I am deservedly Spoiled!

    Couples Preferred Agent - Here to assist with your booking

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    We fly out of Toronto as well , and we always book the hotel and air seperately. The total is in Canadian dollars, and with our travel agent , they have a seven day cancel policy, whereas Couples has a 45 day cancelation policy. We have elderly parents, so you never know what will happen, and the 7 day cancelation is important to us. There is always sales with West Jet and Air Canada. We have even booked one ways with each. Make sure you look at your flight times, becasuse West Jet has a late flight option the arriving day, which we never want. The early flight allows you to be on the resort by about 4:00 pm, where the later West Jet flight leaves at 3:30. Price it out seperately, and then compare apples to apples. Good luck.

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    Another "Cheers!" for the Canuck specific answers.
    Leaning towards doing all through a travel agent aquaintance here early next week, but thanks for the offer Rose_dave!
    Grayturtles thanks for the tip on arrival times!
    This forum is filled with great info and helpful people.
    Looking forward to being initiated into the cult of Couples in a couple months.

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    We always book the resort portion directly through Couples. Love the option of booking really far in advance and making periodic payments. I book our flights separately and Westjet has a great return flight that leaves Montego Bay in the evening which gives us most of the day at the resort on our last day. It arrives in Toronto just after midnight so we overnight there and get a flight to Thunder Bay the next morning. Have never had a issue with booking resort and airfare separately.

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