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    Default First Time at CSA appreciates suggestions

    Hey Couples friends

    The hubby and I will be traveling on 8/21 to CSA in Negril for 7 nights. It's our 5th trip to Negril but our FIRST time at Couples so we'd really like to take advantage of as much as we can

    Any suggestions on what not to miss???

    We also got a deal with $300 in resort credits and we'd like to put them to good use...suggestions?

    We'd love to hear from all Couples veterans


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    The Spa or Scuba are my suggestions for the resort credit. You cant go wrong with either one.

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    I recommend the private cruise at sunset. It was amazing!

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    Try the soups!!!!!!

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    Walk to the water's edge, turn left and continue along the 5 mile stretch of beach for as long as you'd like. Stop in and visit with local vendors and bartenders along the way. Walks along Seven Mile Beach (Long Bay) are amazing. We did this every day of our stay. Just check in at the guard shack at the end of the Couples property as you leave and return
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I usually use my resort credits at the spa and in the gift shop. I load up on lots of soaps, candles, t-shirts in the gift shop, anything to remind me of Jamaica when I'm home!

    Don't miss the sports complex across the street from the main part of the resort. The sports bar makes great smoothies and there is a huge lap pool you can relax by. If you like any type of sports (tennis, jogging, basketball) you can do it in the sports complex. The spa is also here.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions! We're looking forward to it


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    I would use the resort credits for the spa, but I've just heard of the private cruise and I think that would be nice and romantic and unique. You could probably do both with the credits. Also, make sure to go snorkeling, walk the beach, try the sweet potato chips and dips (at Seagrapes) and go to the martini bar above the Palms in the evening. Have fun. You picked a great laid back resort with lots of great food and drinks. CSA is the best!

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    Resort credits for spa & photos. Tip: take the informational tour & do the activities like bead & hat making (free)

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    Use your resort credit (part of it) for a private cruise. It was our favorite thing we did while in Jamaica. We had also went on the Black River/ YS falls/ Appleton Rum tour and did night snorkeling. But the cruise was the only thing we felt was worth every penny!! If you want to do something special and feel like your getting the royal treatment then this is it. It's also very romantic.

    Also make sure to order room service breakfast, even if you plan on eating breakfast at one of the restaurants later, there is nothing like waking up to a carafe of wonderful coffee and a basket of fresh baked pastries! (You can also get fruit and cereal and juice.)

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    We used our resort credits for the private beach dinner and massage at the spa. Both were excellent!

    Make sure to take advantage of the sports complex across the street. I'm not a tennis player but got 2 private 1/2 hour lessons (free) and was very impressed with the pro! There's also a personal trainer you can work out with. The lap pool is huge and hardly anyone uses it. It's a nice place to relax after a morning work out. There's a walking track around the sports complex and when the tress are flowering it smells wonderful. Get a smoothie there too.

    Definitely do the resort activities like bead making, and try the water sports. I even tried knee boarding although didn't make it up on the board. The crew was very nice and cheered me on! Do the orientation tour. The entertainment staff are go energetic and happy to lead the tours.

    Get the morning room service and enjoy coffee, fruit and danish on your patio while watching the resort come to life. Get sparkling wine or beverage of choice and watch the sun set from your patio.

    You'll need to make dinner reservations a few days in advance. Make sure to try both Lemongrass and Feathers. Both both great but very different. And definitely get the sweet potato chips and sea bass on cocobread at Seagrapes. It ended up being our favorite meal. Seagrapes also has self-serve beer and ice cream stations.

    SO much to do...have fun and experience it all!

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    Can someone please tell me what the private cruise is? I have never heard of this being through Couples and being able to us resort credits.

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    1. Afternoon Catamaran (more than once if possible)
    2. Private dinner on the beach (resort credit)
    3. Ask house keeper for Mosquito candles.
    4. take plenty of bug repellant and use it at night.
    5. See/play the newlywed game.
    6. Do at least one night of pianobar/karaoke.
    7. Private catamaran dinner? (ya) resport credit.
    8. You may want to ask if you can apply the credit to a private excursion they sell at the excusion desk.

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