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    Default Calling Cards?

    Does anyone know if CSA still sells calling cards in the gift shop to use to call home to the states? Can't wait to get "home" again! Only 7 weeks to go!
    Thanks for your help!

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    Yes, they are called JusTalk. Very inexpensive. I dont remember exact cost (maybe $7 for 100 minutes) but i am sure you can search this board for JustTalk and find the answer.

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    Another idea: We were just at CSS, and we used skype on our phones to call home! It worked awesome, and didnt cost anything, since we used it over the wifi! We download the app before we left and tested it, and were very happy with it, and were able to talk to our two small children

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    We haven't used the "JusTalk" cards for years since we started bringing our laptop and video Skype with our daughter at home. However, when we did use them, we had to ask for them at the giftshop. They were kept behind the counter and not out on display. They worked very well for us at the time. There was a US$2.00 connection fee charged to your room for every call placed.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Hey thanks guys! I hadn't thought of Skype, we will have to try that also. Can't wait!

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