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    We have gone to CNG and enjoyed the beach very much. We are now considering a vacation at CSS and are wondering about the beach there. We understand it is smaller, but is it as nice, eg, white sand, clear water, no sea weed, etc? Do they have the same water activities - cats, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc?


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    It's small but nice. They have all the activities you listed. There are hardly any waves and nothing big. It's quite relaxing when you're floating on their comfortable mats! Love those things! Here are a few pics of the beach area.

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    CSS has two beaches

    The main beach - The sand is not soft and white like the Negril side of the island, but it is still a beautiful beach. The waters were very calm when we were there in March...just like at Negril. The beach is smaller, but then there are fewer rooms too. The resort was at full capacity when we were there, but the beach (or any of the resort) was never crowded like CSA is. The bottom of the swimming area has a little seaweed, but it is easy to see thorough the crystal clear water, so you can just walk around it. The water activities are all about the same except there is no sunset catamaran cruise because the big boat canít get to the resort because of the coral reef just off shore. They Hobie Cats, glass bottom boat trips, snorkeling, scuba, kayaks, water bikes (I donít think CN has these yet.

    Sunset Beach Ė This is the au natural side of the resort. The beach is also very nice, with sand closer to the sand at Negril, but there really isnít a swimming area thereÖtoo many rocks.
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    No waves, brown sand, not as picture perfect as CN BUT brown sand is lovely and soft, no waves so you can take your drink on the floaties, no people from other resorts walking past, lots of watersports to do, little niches to go and swim and you never feel like you are on top of one another there. I think they were at capacity when we were there due to a wedding, We went to the mineral pool after 2 because we knew it wouldnt be crowded. We hung out on the beach during the day and yes we are too lazy to go back to our room so we grabbed our seats at 8am had breakfast (always within a half hour we were back but i didnt want to drag my beach bag around) People are pretty good about using the chairs there, if they were going, everything went with them. Which is one of the reasons we love the Couples Resorts. Well that and pretty much everything else! :-)

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