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    Every place that I've seen day beds on the beach (mostly in the DR) you have to be a "premiere" member or pay extra to reserve the beds. They were most definitely not first come first served.

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    No please don't. Not a good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpanddp View Post
    with canopy of course....something along these lines would be sweet!!Attachment 17377

    What ya think folks?
    I think that's bloody awful

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    These belong around a pool not on the beach.

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    Terrible idea my opinion.

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    No, no, no! Very tacky and headed in the wrong direction.

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    No! We stayed at a resort that had them at the pool. It just blocked access and the sanitation is just plain gross. Also, you had to reserve and pay to use these beds.

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    Just soft white sand please...........

    Life is good

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    So Tacky!!! Yuk

    A big NO NO NO from me and him.

    Just imagine half a dozen of those monstrosities lined up on the beach at CTI or CSS. Where are the rest of us going to sit?

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    This is a terrible idea! Simply, NO NO NO NO NO!!!
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    that's a BIG no from me too! Please don't fix what's not broken!!!

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    Having not actually been to a Couples property yet, just booked for 2013, I feel a little weird giving my opinion, but from what I understand, the beach at CSS (where we are going) is kinda 'small', I for one, wouldn't like big beds blocking my view. Space wise you can get more loungers/mats in the same space as one of those beds. I also agree that people would be trying to "hold" them for themselves ... creating 'discord' among guests doesn't seem to be the way to go, but it's just my opinion.

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    No for Godsakes!! Thats totally ridiculos & ugly!! I really wish people would stop trying to fix something that isnt broke!!

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    I love bali beds at other resorts and have not found cleanliness to be an issue. They are easily covered with clean towels and our private bed has always been made up with fresh linens.

    That being said, I do not think they belong at Couples resorts. There is already too much "saving" that goes on and this would be a recipe for disaster. Also, I would not want to see it become like the S resorts, with these designated for certain room categories only.

    I would be happy if they changed the towel policy personally. I find it not in keeping with a resort at this price point.

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    Thanks to all:

    We have no plans to add any day beds - or similar - on any of our beaches.

    Couples Resorts

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