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    I'm doing the SR and will not know which resort I will be going to until mid August, but was wondering about the dress code's for the restaurants. Are they all the same at each resort, or do they vary in some ways? Any idea's on what my boyfriend and I should pack?

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    You will likely be fine with anything remotely dressy that you bring. Even just a sundress and sandals would be fine. For him, however, it's different. Be sure he has a couple pairs of nice pants (not jeans or cargo shorts), a couple collared shirts (short-sleeve is okay) and close-toed shoes. They just want you to put a little effort into it and don't want people showing up for dinner in the same clothes they wore by the pool all day. :-)

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    BTW... that is generally for the reservation-only restaurants. The buffet and other restaurants are a little more casual but still don't want guys wearing cargo shorts, swim trunks and flip-flops. Although, I HAVE seen them there and it doesn't particularly bother us.

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    All the resorts have one restaurant that requires men to wear long pants, collared shirt and closed shoes.The other restaurants, your bf can wear nice shorts and a nice shirt and sandals for evening. During the day, you can wear swimsuits with a cover up. For instance, you BF can wear board shorts or swim shorts with a t-shirt to the buffet, grill etc. You can wear your swimsuit with a cover up. They don't like your belly bare when going to the buffets for safety, at least that is what I was told & that is fine. I take swimsuits & cover ups, then something to wear to dinner each night. For me that is mostly sundresses and nice sandals. I do the power walks at CTI so I take a couple of pair of exercise shorts and then enough tops to get me through the week.

    You don't need another outfit for each day unless you plan on doing things off resort. Even then, sundresses were work.
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    Cargo shorts are fine for the non-reservation restaurants.
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