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    Default Special Nights at CSA

    Hellooooo! Would someone be able to shed some light onto which nights at CSA have special events going on as far as dining? I'm wondering which nights the beach party, big buffet at the palms, etc...are happening.

    We'll be at CSA for our honeymoon on Sept 16th (WHEHOOOO!!!) and although we're trying to not adhere to a schedule, we would like to know what nights things are happening. Obviously I'm trying to avoid dealing with wedding planning stuff right now and focus on fun honeymoon planning. Heehee....!

    Laura & Mike

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    Congratulations on your upcoming honeymoon! Friday night is the beach party. Monday night is the International Dinner at the Palms. Saturday is lobster night (all restaurants). Monday is also the repeaters dinner, so Patois is closed on Monday evenings to host the repeaters dinner.

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    One thing I did not realize before we went was how late the entertainment starts. Every morning we were up very early. It was strange how we couldn't sleep past 7am even if we tried. I think the sun rises at 4am or something and woke us up. Anyhow, that resulted in us getting tired long before any entertainment started, which was usually around 9 or 10 pm. 8pm seemed too late for dinner while we were there (and I am a night owl) We did stay up our last night for the beach party and we had fun. Next time I think we will take naps so we can stay up. I'd say not to worry about missing anything. There won't be much going on besides the entertainment that late at night anyway, except maybe the Piano bar.

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    Wednesday evening is the bonfire with a wonderful singer. I think they now release flying lanterns over the ocean at the end of the bonfire (are they called Chinese lanterns?? something like that). We've been lucky enough to experience the bonfire from our room on a number of occasions, and it is really a lovely way to close out the night.

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    Thanks, everyone!! Just trying to coordinate our nights....for instance, we'll want to make sure to not have reservations at one of the nicer restaurants after returning from the catamaran / booze cruise...etc...heehee. Although I'm sure when we get there the last thing we'll want to do is coordinate anything, lol.

    48 days - whehooo!!

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