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    Default some questions... 1. do they kick you off the beach... night?
    2. Do they close the pool down at night?
    3. Is it safe to stroll down the beach?

    Thanks ladies and gents!

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    what resort? At CSA the pool doesn't close and as for strolling down the beach you may want to take a flashlight, it's pretty dark. As far as safety there is a security guard 24/7 on the beach

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    Which resort? CTI and CSS are pretty isolated and there's not really a long beach to stroll. IMHO, I would not stroll the beaches at CN or CSA beyond the property. Pools don't close.

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    Never had an issue strolling the beach at CN or CSS. Also the signs say no swimming at the pools BUT its because they have no lifeguards on duty, We swim at night at both places and were never asked to leave.

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    They do not close the pool or beach. I wouldn't walk off the resorts section of the beach at night but durning the day go for it. Especially at CSA.

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    I can't think of a single occasion where we were told we couldn't do something. Ocean, pool, hot-tubs are all available at all times and I suppose as long as you are considerate to others (not being rowdy at 3 a.m.) it would never be a problem.

    We've strolled down the beach and never had a problem. Resort security will take your name and you check in with them when you get back, too. Just so they know you made it home! Be prepared to be approached by lots of people for lots of different things. Don't be a rude tourist and pretend you're deaf. Just be respectful and say "No, thank you." and you'll be fine. I'm not sure I would venture down the beach (off property) at night. Just being smart/safe.

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    No, no and yes during the day.

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    Ah, you must have been to Mexico! I was at an all inclusive in playa del Carmen once that closed the pool at 7pm. I was out there one evening at 7:30 sitting on the side of the pool with my feet in the water and they called the cops! Really! Every now and then I tell that story at a bar at couples and you should see the astounded look on the faces of the staff.

    You're in Jamaica. There are a few rules (very few) but mostly not. You can walk the beach all night. You can go in the pool (or the ocean... or the hot tubs) whenever you like (except, perhaps when they are cleaning them). Though even then, I've had my morning coffee sitting on the side of the pool with my feet in the water when they were cleaning. No problem mon! One thing though...if you're going down to the beach in the evening, some bug spray on your legs is highly recommended.

    As for safety, as long as you are on the couples property, you'll be just fine. I've strolled from CSA down to Margaritaville at night and felt reasonably safe (though I am used to large US cities), but if I were I woman, I'd probably not stray from the property after dark (though I'd say the same thing about US cities).

    You won't believe how tranquil the beach is at night. Have fun!

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    My wife and I have walked/strolled the beach at CN numerous times from one end to the other after dark.
    Never an issue what so ever,yes a small flashlight is handy in case the moon does not light things up enough!

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    When we stayed at an AI in the DR they closed the pools around 7:00. But that doesn't happen at Couples. The only reason you might want to avoid the beach at night is that the sand fleas can be brutal. Just bring bug spray with DEET.

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    I can only speak to CN - The beach is not closed at night. We didn't swim but did walk the shoreline and sit in the chairs after dark a number of nights. The pools and hottubs are open 24 hours. Just know that at times they are cleaning them. The beach is safe to walk at night but I don't know that I would stray to far from the resorts.

    Hope this helps.

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    I can only speak for CN and CTI - I have never witnessed anyone kicked off the beach or out of the pool/hot tubs. The only time I think they would ask you to leave the pool at CTI is on gala night (but they may have changed the location since I was there. And now they have another pool, so I'm assuming you can just go float in that instead. No problem mon!

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    Re: CN/CSA ... Does any other resort have security on the beach at night for safety? Or once youre out of eye/ear-shot of Couples security, youre on your own?

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