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    Default CSS Oceanfront

    This question has been asked over and over, and the answers are always different.

    We'll be at CSS on Sunday, and have an Oceanfront Suite reserved. My question is:

    Which building, which floor which room.

    FWIW, we'd like to be away from the bars and and noise. We want the large balcony and the ocean view.

    Anybody have any favorites rooms to recommend?



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    Default oceanfront suite?

    What is an "oceanfront suite"? I'm so confused. We're going in March and have booked a one bedroom ocean suite. I also know there are beachfront suites, which we considered. The odd time I've heard "oceanfront suites" referred to, but I just checked the accomodations listing, and I don't see oceanfront suite. Confused.

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    Sorry. I'm new to all this.

    I meant One Bedroom Ocean Suite.


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    Anyone have a favorite room at CSS?

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    I believe that the One bedroom are located in a couple of different buildings. I know they are in D (that is where we stayed last year). Those in D have a little smaller balconey. I also think they are in F & G as well. Those may have the larger balconeys. Either way, they are on the cliff, and usually have great views.

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    If you check out the Couples home page, Couples San Souci, under Accomodations, here's a description with locations:

    One Bedroom Ocean Suites

    All of these Mediterranean-style rooms have large master bedrooms, ample separate living rooms, balconies while most rooms have very large balconies, panoramic ocean views. Located in Block D on 1st, 2nd floors, Block E on 2nd floor, Block F on 2nd, 3rd floors and Block G on 1st, 2nd floors.

    I can't give you more info than that, as I have never stayed in that category, but it at least gives you an idea of where the rooms are located. I believe some other posters have posted the map for CSS which shows the building locations. I tried posting one myself, but it wouldn't upload. Hope this helps.
    Heather and Tim

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    Just to clarify a bit your you guys.

    Deluxe Ocean Suites (no balcony)
    Deluxe Verandah Suites (more of a motel type room)
    1 bdroom ocean suite w/balcony
    1 bdroom beachfront suite w/jacuzzi
    penthouse suite
    Hibiscus Cottage

    Those are the room categories at CSS.

    All rooms at CSS have oceanviews, mini bars, and room service!

    The major difference in the room categories has to do with location and size of rooms.

    The Deluxe Oceansuites do not have balconies
    The Deluxe Verandah Suites are similar to a hotel room, so separate sitting area, but decent sized balcony.
    The 1 bdrm Ocean Suites, most have the huge balconies with either 2 chaise loungers or a double chaise and table and chairs, and a large separate sitting area or living room area from the bedroom, aside from the Penthouse/Hibiscus Cottage they are the biggest rooms. They are located throughout the cliffs in Bldg D,E,F & G.
    The One Bdrm Beachfront are not located ON the beach, they are on beach level, in Bldg A or B on one of 3 floors. They are popular because of their location and the fact they have a jacuzzi.

    Do a virtual tour of all of the rooms under the CSS tab then click on accomodations on the left.

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    Just another note everyone. You can request a specific room all day long, but Couples cannot and will not ever guaranty a thing.

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    We've been to CSS twice and stayed in G-5, a One Bedroom Ocean Suite, both times. Great view that faces west so sunsets are wonderful, but make sure you visit Sunset Beach for a really incredible sunset. Here's a link to the pictures from our trips in '08 and '09 so you can check out the room and resort: Rooms in G-block are away from the bars and noise but near enough to check them out if you like. There is a little more walking but not bad. Don't forget to check out the hammocks below the Balloon Bar pool above the mineral. Nice place to cuddle in the evening and listen to the tree frogs. Can't wait to go back in April 2010.

    Have a great trip!

    Bart & Bug

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    Bart & Bug:

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    It looks like I'll be requesting Block G (if available).

    3 days to go!


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    I'm not sure if this is still the case, but it used to be that the online booking service for CSS listed different names for the room categories than did the actual Web site, which might be the reason for some of the confusion.

    The penthouses are at the top of the older blocks, of course, and the one bedroom beachfront jacuzzi suites are Blocks A and B. It seems to me that as for the rest, they were sort of carved out of what used to be residential space, so they're kind of scattered around the old bit of the resort and aren't always uniform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jes218 View Post
    Bart & Bug:

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    It looks like I'll be requesting Block G (if available).

    3 days to go!

    Thanks! Glad you liked them. Now comes the challenge...get some while you're there to enjoy for years to come and post them for others. While Mzambo is correct that you can request but there's no guarantee...the folks at CSS will usually do their absolute best to accommodate that request. Upon return this past April we requested G-5, the room we had when we came to CSS to get married, and, no kidding, that's the room we got!! I suggest e-mailing them in advance with the request. We can't wait to get back ourselves next April but will try a beachfront just for fun. Please tell Kimberlee that Eric & June said "hi".

    Hope you enjoy your stay,
    Bart & Bug

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    Default A!!

    Hello. We are just returning home from a wonderful stay at CSS. We stayed in the azalia "a" block and in my opinion it was perfect location. Great beach view close to breaskfast, beach and pool. The ground floors seemed neat because you walk right off your balcony but better view from top if you don't mind climbing the stairs. The balcony was large with a table and chairs. Have fun. You wil love it!!

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