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    Default CSS-Broken Leg- Can be done

    My husband and I went to Css for a belated honeymon. We were there from August 18-26th. I went with a broken leg.(I was the one with a bright pink cast) I can not say enough about how well I was treated. We have already booked a return trip for next August. For those of you with Mobilty problems dont worry. The bell hops drove me everywhere. I only walked to Casanova and the Balloon Bar. Those were the only places I could get on crutches.

    Rooms: We spent half the week in G-17 and half the week in A-10. We moved so I could go places without my husband. G-17 is probably has one of the best views of the ocean. A-10 was close to everything.

    Anyone has any questions I would be glad to answer.

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    We were at CSS August 21 through 26 and remember you quite well. We've been to all of the Couples resorts and couldn't help but think that CSS was probably the most difficult to get around for someone with a broken leg.

    Glad to hear that you had a good time in spite of your temporary disability.
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    Hey, I know you!!!!! I kept wanting to stop and talk to you about your leg but figured you would be soooooo tired of hearing people talk anout it... You looked like you had a great time by the main pool.

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    I remember you, too! I was one (of probably many!) that commented on how much I loved your pink cast. So glad to hear you still had a fabulous time!
    Dana and John

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    We were there too! We were the couple (from AR) that got married that Tues morning. I felt so bad for you that it was so hot and you couldn't get all the way in the pool. I was wishing you had a trash bag and some tape! lol

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