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    Default What Restaurant to eat at?

    Just wondering where we can get a great steak? We are not into the fancy eating but willing to try new dishes. We love steak so for sure would like to have it one night.

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    You can get it at any of the restaurants. You didn't specify whice resort, so I can't give you specifics. But each menu will have a beef option for dinner, and it's typically filet. You won't go hungry. check out the sample menus on the resort web page.
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    thanks we are staying at cn.

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    You can get a great steak at Otaheite and also at Heliconia. An all inclusive is a great place to get a little experimental.

    The food at Couples is wonderful, and realize the menu's on the website are only sample menu's the one that is the truest to being exact is the CSS room service menu.

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    Because I love food, here is a sampling, the Continental Breakfast is from CN, the rest is from CSS, but you get the idea.
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    You said you aren't into fancy restaurants, but for a mouth-watering steak go to Othetie, it is fabulous. You don't even need a knife to cut it and it just melts in your mouth.
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    Just know the steak isnt like it is back in the states. Has a different taste to me. It wasn't bad, but I have had much better steaks back in the US.

    Jamaica is more known for their chicken, pork, and fish dishes.
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    I thknk that best steak is at Otaheite. But you find steak at all of the restaurants, except maybe Lychee. When we were there a couple of weeks ago they had some great strip steaks one night at the buffet. But there are so many other things that are wonderful to try, you will not run out of great choices.

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    At CTI you can get a real good steak at the Veranda.
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    People keep saying the beef doesn't taste the same, but I'm pretty sure Couples imports the beef they sell from America, so I'm not sure why.

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    The steak in Jamaica may or may not be from Jamaica. Jamaica does have cows, so it may be from Jamaica.

    The old 8 rivers at CTI had the best steak I had any where in the world. Tender and well aged. It fell apart when you cut it.
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    Never noticed anything different about the taste of the beef, I have in Canada but not in JA.

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    I think the steak is imported from America. We had a meal one time at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the sea in Montego Bay and they imported the steak especially. Jamaican steak is thin and tough as old boots as we can verify from another meal we tried to eat on the Strip one night

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