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    Default CTI - Specific Questions they donít tell you on the Website

    What are the safes like? Deep or Shallow?
    Do they offer towels by the pool?
    Do they have hair dryers in the rooms?
    Do they have toiletries or bring my own?
    No umbrellas on the beach?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sugadogg View Post
    What are the safes like?Small wall safes with a code you program, located in the closet. Deep or Shallow? Shallow. We keep our travel documents, wallets, my better jewelry and I think hubby could put his netbook in there also, but not his laptop when he took that.
    Do they offer towels by the pool?Towels will be in your room room when you check in as the towel art on your bed. You can exchange anytime. There is a basket for used towels at the main pool and also clean towels. There is also another drop near water sports for used towels and you can get clean towels also at the water sports hut. I never have a problem getting two towels.
    Do they have hair dryers in the rooms?Yes, but not real powerful. They are in the bathroom by the sink.
    Do they have toiletries or bring my own?There is conditioning shampoo and bath gel in the shower. They are in dispensers attached to the wall. I took a shower fluff to use with the gel. There is a bar of "facial soap" at the sink and we also had a lotion dispenser at the sink on the wall. They do not provide aloe as they did in the past.
    No umbrellas on the beach?
    No umbrellas, but there are large palm trees and between the trees they have hung sun sails that provide shade. The resort is on the north side of the island so the beach can become shaded by the buildings also later in the afternoon during the winter months.

    Enjoy your trip!

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    I'm going to estimate the internal size of the safe as maybe about 16wx12dx9h
    You get two towels when you arrive, and can exchange them (as often as needed) at various hampers by the pools or by the watersports hut
    Yes, although the room we had, it didn't work.
    Shampoo and bodywash, both liquid style. A lot of people report the shampoo is very good as a conditioner and they bring their own conditioner.
    No umbrellas, but there are several sunshade "sails" attached to the various palm trees, so you can generally find some shade.

    CTI again in:
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    From what I remember:

    Safes were about 12"x12"x12" (easily fits an iPad)
    You can get towels are the watersport's area or in your room.
    At CTI, they did have hairdryers.
    Only toiletries they had were general shampoo/conditioner/handsoap - I would make sure you bring your own toothpaste, we didn't and had to pay something like $5 for a small tube at the gift shop.
    At CTI, there were no umbrellas, but trees do offer shade.

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    I can't answer your first question, but...

    2. No, you need to get the towels down by the beach.
    3. Yes.
    4. They offer lotion, shampoo, and condition. You can't remove them from the bathroom.
    5. No umbrella, but plenty of palm trees and some shade made by hanging fabric.

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    Safes are decent. not too big but enough.
    Towels Yes
    Hair Dryers Yes
    Toiltries Yes but my wife usually brings her own.
    Don't know about umbrellas. I don't recall seeing any last time we were there in 2009.

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