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    Default No Problems ... the drink

    Anybody know the recipe for the No Problems drink?? Honeymooned at CN in June and I loved those! Would like to try and replicate at home... although I know it will not be as good as being in Jamaica. Thanks!

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    I took pictures of all of the drink cards on the bar at CN. One day I will take the time to post all of the recipes. They don't list amounts, so you will have to experiment. And there are some vague references such as "fruit syrup". Here you go:

    No Problem (shake)
    lime juice
    fruit syrup
    pineapple juice
    grapefruit juice
    coconut rum
    orange juice
    creme de bananna

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    Thanks Bert! Can you also post the recipe for Coconut Blossom? My wife loved that one!

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