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    Default Getting Married at Couples Negril

    My fiance and I have decided we want to have an intimate wedding at CN (Just the two of us) but were wondering if we should or can have a courthouse wedding in California first. Does anyone know if we would need to have a seperate wedding here or would CN take care over everything, such as the documentation? And I have to add we are soo excited to get married at CN!

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    As long as your marriage in Jamaica is legal (e.g., you are both of marriageable age, neither of you is married to someone else, etc.), then your marriage will be valid and recognized in the U.S. There is no need for additional ceremonies.

    You should read the wedding FAQs regarding the documents you need to submit. The wedding coordinator makes the arrangements for you, including obtaining a marriage license. After you marry, you will receive a marriage certificate (although this takes awhile).
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    We got married in Jamaica 5 years ago. Not at couples but at " s". However all documents were taking care of. Congratulations! 24 days till our first trip to cn!!

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    Tthey take care of it all.

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    Thank you Pamela for your post. This is extremely helpful!

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    Thank you KerriL, we are soo excited! I will rest much better knowing the resort will help with all our documents.

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    We got married at CN in 2003. We did the same thing - just the two of us. They took care of everything for us. It was perfect.

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    Congratulations and welcome to the Couples family. I am confused though, if you are having a ceramony at the courthouse in California, then it would be a vow renewal at Couples.

    The US recognizes your marriage in Jamaica, so you would not need to do both.

    Trust me, Couples will do a wonderful job for you. We were married there 5 years ago and it was great.
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