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    Default First time at CN. Will we be back?

    My husband and I will be staying at CN. We are so looking forward to this vacation. We heard so many good things about this resort. Hoping this is the place we will be coming back to again and again. Can anyone tell us about their stay at CN. 6-weeks and counting.

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    We stayed at CN on our honeymoon and after a few hours on the resort we had already decided this was the place for us With that said our honey moon was 4 years ago and we have been back 4 times and book for next year already!!!

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    Default No Worries

    We are heading back to CN in 42 days! Our first trip was in 2010 to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We traveled with our best friends who also were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.
    If you are like us you will defiantly return. It is wonderful! You will realize it the moment you walk into the lobby and are given a cold wash cloth and a chilled glass of champagne! From that moment on "No worries mon!"
    We did not have any problems with our stay, the food, the beach, the drinks, the entertainment; the relaxation....all of it was wonderful.

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    Everyone here has taken a big swig of the Kool Aid. We love it!

    I have told this story before, but here it is again, just for you...

    My first time to CN we had a tough day of travel (a cancelled flight, a lost bag, getting lucky and jumping into the last 2 seats on the first-ever AirTran flight to MoBay - very lucky! Got to MoBay late so TimAir couldn't take us to CN, but the shuttle could...). By the time I got to CN I was fried! When I walked into the lobby and a member of the staff greeted me with "Welcome home!", my inner-NJ came out and I immediately thought "Bug off! I've never been here, this is not my home, don't pander to me with that 'welcome home' nonsense!!!" (thankfully I was able to internalize the bitterness and just said "Thank you.")

    Upon our return to CN, I walked into the now familiar lobby and a member of the staff said "Welcome home". My inner-NJ was completely gone, I was at ease with the world, understood completely and replied with a quite sincere "Thank you!" April 2013 will be our 5th visit (and we are rookies compared to so many here).

    Enjoy your vacation...and even though you have not yet been, welcome home!

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