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    I've seen several people comment that they liked to take a snorkel mask and swim around the island at CTI early in the morning.

    Are there masks available to use besides just the planned snorkling trips or do I need to bring my own?

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    Bring your own for anything other than organized trips.

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    If possible, take along your own mask and snorkel. It's nice to not be restricted by the CTI rules and go to snorkel when you wish - at any time during the day. (watch the water ski boat!) With you own equipment you can be assured of a great fit - which means no struggling with leaky masks, snorkels, etc. and it is much more hygienic! Now is a great time to purchase your gear - end of summer - everything is going on sale!
    Good luck!

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    You will need to bring your own. They only provide them for the group activities.

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    Bring your own.

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