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    Default Calling all Couplesholics - Here's your chance to tell the world

    Couples Resorts

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    Default "Total Immersion of Caribbean Style and Elegance" ~ We found our Xanadu!

    Randy, we're Couplesholics ~ and took our chance to tell:

    When we vacation, we look for an "authentic" local ambiance and charm, a Caribbean tropical atmosphere of remoteness & ruggedness, quiet secluded uncrowded beaches and beautiful tropical gardens that contribute to a "Robinson Crusoe" destination.

    We do extensive research on properties, reading "every" review, as we find they are all valid and play a very important part in knowing what to expect. We look for properties where we can be rest-assured that one never ever feels "slighted" for not upgrading. Where the staff show exceptional service and hospitality, with efficiency and courtesy, to every guest regardless of room category. This was how we narrowed down our search in choosing Couples Resorts ~ they resonated with us! We didn't choose S ~> whose brand seemed to be lacking in what was important and mattered to us, so we can't comment on what they have to offer.

    We also research reviewers, looking for those who've been to the same type or even the exact same resorts that we've been to, and contact them privately to get as much "insider" information as possible. This was how for over a year we researched CSS, convinced that when we arrived we'd be well-prepared to handle any little "hiccup" if it arose. What we found was Couples Sans Souci's "no worries" mantra and exceptional service came to life immediately for us, months before we had even arrived. Thanks to a well known "Couples Alumni" member, (Thanks Marnie!), we had the pleasure of having Mr. Gary Stevens and also Mr. Randy Russell assisting us with a few early "glitches" in activating our various registrations with Couples, in regards to our Romance Rewards and Resort Credits. We also had the pleasure of very prompt replies to our emails one week prior to arrival from the Sales/Wedding Manager Michelle Gordon, who assured us of her best efforts to accommodate our room requests. We hadn't even set foot on the property, yet Couples' customer service at this extremely personal level had already put our minds at ease, convincing us that we were in for one of the most memorable vacations of our life.

    We absolutely loved CSS and the whole "experience" of being at the Couples Resorts' brand. We feel that it was our best vacation ever, in regard to:

    - customer attention, before even stepping on the property which carried on throughout the stay
    - the feeling of being somewhere "real", that "immerses" you in the culture of the island
    - the absolutely most tropical, lush and unbelievable property
    - the attention to details and special touches that are subtle, yet very sophisticated
    - the amazing quality of the food offered
    - the outstanding courteous and cultured treatment from the staff

    For us, CSS means Classy Sophisticated Serenity ~ Where it's All about "Respect Mon":

    Respect for All Guests
    Respect for Romance
    Respect for Quiet Tranquility
    Respect for Environment
    Respect for Culture
    Respect for Exquisite Food
    Respect for Outstanding Service

    What really stood out for us, and it's very hard to put into words... was the consistent, constant "all encompassing" feeling of "belonging here" ~ We can't describe it! It's "indescribable"!

    Our introduction to Couple's was amazing! It encompassed a "Total Immersion of Caribbean Style and Elegance" ~ It's our newfound Xanadu!

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    We agree with Garden Gal 100%!!! Couples San Souci is the place for us!! Couldn't have said it better myself!

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    Said my piece. Have been to other resort and actually once before we first went to couples and once since and in my mind no comparison and I do try to spread the word.

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