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    We have 8 more days till we leave for our vacation at CSA, and time has stopped. What are some of the things you do to help get through this last week of waiting?

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    You only have 6 days left now. Yay! I read reviews on the resort. I also check out the activities schedule and look at the sample menus. Of course you can spend time packing too. Have fun! CSA rocks.

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    Enjoy the longest days of your life! Especially, because the next 7 (or however long your stay is) will go by waaayyyy too fast. Then, you have an even longer wait between the end of this trip and the beginning of your next!
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    CSA does indeed rock!!!! I've packed and repacked. Worn out our pics form pasts trips. Have driven my husband nuts with all my what do you want to do first questions and talk of what I can't wait to do/eat, our friends all start of with how many days now, and my children have threaten to drive us to the airport now and make us wait there. I've got it bad.

    The only way to get me on the see ya later bus with out crying is to have the next trip booked. Trip 3 in 5 days trip 4 in 319 days !!

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