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    Default Margaritaville and Blue Diamonds

    Can anyone tell me how long the excursion last at Margaritaville from CSS??? I also see some comments about blue diamonds... does anyone have a picture and are they real expensive??? Thank You!

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    eve06... Unless you like hip hop music, I would not advise doing the Monday night trip to Margaritaville. We went and couldn't wait for Couples to pick us up. They didn't play any Raggae or Buffett music. We just go to Margaritaville during the day. We take a taxi from Couples into Ocho Rios to the Island Village shopping center(which is where Margaritaville is) and the Taj Mahal shopping center. I purchased a beautiful Blue Diamond ring a couple of years ago at The Jewel Box and my husband got one this past year. They are a bit pricey but we cannot find them at all where we live in the states. If you go into the Search at the top of this screen and type in CSS THE JEWEL BOX, you will find a thread that talks a lot about their jewelry. Some of us posted pictures. Further down the page I posted a picture of my blue diamond and tanzanite rings I bought. I hope this helps.

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