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    Hi all. Just booked my 1st trip for April 13-20 2013. This will be my first time to a Couples Resort...Negril....and Jamacia. This will be the 1st time my wife has ever been on a plane and out of the states. We will be staying in one of the BFVS. Hopefully this is a good choice. Tried to get one of he Premier ones...but the travel agent said they were all booked. Oh well. This is gonna be a surprise for my wife. She has no idea about this or even that I am thinking about taking her on a trip. I am hoping to tell her Christmas...if i can hold out that long. Does anyone have any suggestions for anying to make sure i truely wow my wife on this trip. Thanks Matt

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    Great gift, Matt! I think a trip to CN is enough to "wow" her! Poke around the message board and you will find plenty of tips to make your trip go smoothly. A completely unnecessary "extra" that we really enjoy is taking the TimAir flight from Montego Bay to Negril. It doesn't save a ton of time over the shuttle bus, but it is exciting and fun (and I am usually so eager to get to the pool bar that even the little time it saves is well worth it!). The shuttle bus is free and lets you see a little of the island.

    Likely many will post the same thing...go to the "MEETUP" link in the blue bar on top of this pace. CN April 2013 has TONS of people going (to include Linda & Bert 4/11-19). We will see you then!

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    Wow, what an awesome gift! We will be there the same time. Maybe we'll see you on the bus. You are going to have a great time.

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    Only wow you will need is to get there and walk out to the beach!

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    Matt, you are The man! All I can tell you , is if you really want to "Wow" your Wife, just bring her along. Swept Away and Jamaica will take care of everything else. Ya Mon!

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    I guess my message was a little vague. We are gonna be staying at CSA. But we I am planning on doing the resort visit to CN. One question i guess i have is...we are gonna be staying for 7 nights. I am wanting to do at least 1 day trip away from resort. Would doing 2 be too much? I dont wanna plan too much and seem hurried or rushed and not really do too much relaxing. I know that I want us to do alot around resort like snorkel...scuba...the sunset cruise and just kinda enjoy the sand gravity that ya'll talk about. lol. I know i also wanna do the one luv pub crawl. I have read nothing but good things about that too. I figured i would also treat her to one of those dinners on the beach the last night we are there. Has anyone done it worth it? Thanks for all the replies and i might be seeing you out there. Matt

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    Fozzy, your plans sound greaat! IMHO, there is so much to do on the resort that I wouldn't plan anything off resort except for the pub crawl...I haven't been on that but it sounds amazing to me. When we went to Couples for 7 nights, it just didn't seem to be long enough to do everything the resort offered, so I recommend the relax mode. The resort has so many activities planned for each day...and they are different....that I think you will be kept busy. The dinner on the beach is spectacular!

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    Matt- What a great gift for your wife. She (and you) are going to love CSA. The beach is gorgeous and the food and drink are delicious. You should probably only schedule 1 off site excursion because there are so many things offered right on the resort. Definitely go snorkeling one day. Sign up the morning before you would like to go to make sure you get a spot.

    I have recently been reading about private catamaran cruises they do. It would just be you and your wife and they bring some munchies and drinks and you can cruise along the coast and see lots of great things. I would do that over the beach dinner....but that's just my opinion. The private cruise also offers stops to snorkel if you want.

    Make sure you both have passports. And your choice of rooms is great! If you want privacy, request a third floor corner room. If you want to walk off your verandah and onto the beach then go for a 1st floor room.

    You picked a great romantic resort to take your wife. Enjoy yourselves. CSA rocks!

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    One day trip will be plenty. Once you get there, you will not want to leave. We always say we're going to do the Trading Places and never do it because we don't want to leave. We usually venture off property once in a while to grab some jerk chicken up the street or at 3 Dives (on the cliffs). Did the excursions the first time and it's a LONG day. Been there, done that. Would rather relax and chill at the resort!

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    Great job on the surprise and the destination. In 4 trips we have always talked about a day trip, but other then the trading places, which we have only done twice, it seems the sand gravity becomes over powering and we never get off the resort, with no regrets what so ever. Enjoy.

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    Thanks for all the replies guys. Well i took your advice and secduled a day trip with JUJU Tours. They are voted number 1 on trip advisor. There is nothing but 5 star reviews. We are goona b. We are doing a private tour with them. We are going to YS Falls....Appelton Rum Tour....and going to the Pelican Bar. I cant wait. COME ON APRIL!!!

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