My (future) wife and I are going on a honeymoon March 24-31 2013, but she doesn't know about it (shhh.) So I've done about 20+ hours of research going through pictures, reviews, message boards, everything I could find and I've narrowed down to the Beachfront Suite or the Garden Suite. There's a $400 difference (ish) and some say it's worth it and others say that you might not get an actual view of the beach. And one said that you can see the nude beach from it, but I would prefer not that. Is it possible to special request room numbers? And if so, what are the best view rooms for each of the Suites? I think building 6 looks promising but the back side faces the pool so I'd assume there's no "beachfront suites" on that side. Anyways, I'm split between the two and whether to do a first or second floor. The first floor is convenient because you can just walk out rather than down the stairs and such but the second floor I hear has a much better view. Also, it seems both options have almost identical layouts (some mirrored of course), is this true for the most part? And the jacuzzi tub (which is a must for us) seems a bit small for two people. Could two fit in it?

Side note at CSS: I was heavily looking into the Prime Minister's Suite at CSS but Negril has a much better beach and I read it is better for doing water sports. Also with the Prime Minister's Suite, the view is to the side of the ocean which is not ideal and the room looks kind of older decor and sorta plain. But another option I was looking at was the one bedroom beachfront suite but it looks small and not very private, but it is roughly $1000 cheaper than the PM Suite and the CN Beachfront and Garden Suites.

So basically I'm just looking for thoughts and comments on what I mentioned. I want a jacuzzi in the room and be as private as possible (it is our honeymoon and all.) A view would be great but not of naked people

Oh and we've never been, obviously. And if you have any recent photos that would be AMAZING!

Thanks in advance for the comments!