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    Default Question about the CN activity schedule?

    Hello, I was wondering if the sample schedule that is posted on the CN site is typically correct. We are leaving for our trip in a month and I kind of wanted to get an idea of what activities we could do on what days. If it isn't a reliable schedule does anyone know how I can get one, we want to do tons of stuff in a limited amount of time (7 days)!!

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    It's almost exactly right. There are some occasional variations, but that schedule is really close.

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    We've never found the online schedule to exactly match the actual scheduled activities upon our arrival.

    Here is a link to a post with the actual schedule from January so it is likely to be more representative of the schedule during your trip next month, but the schedule does change.

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    You will get a copy of the week's schedule when your check in ..... They will also post it daily (it may change a little from what is on your schedule) on a board at the resort ...... Just realize ..... It's "Jamaican Time" once you get there so things vary ..... BIG TIP: Don't try to plan too far ahead & just go with the flow ...... You will have plenty to do & can book any activities you want to do once you get there & get a feel for things ..... Once you get there, you are going to realize that doing absolutely nothing is an activity .......

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    Thank you

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    have a blast ngwh2009! It is a great idea to be familiar with the activity schedule and to get some thoughts on what you would like to do. After you make a list of the things you want to do, throw it away. (jsut kidding...sort of) Every trip for my wife and I has been different. Sometimes we do lots of activities, sometimes we just just never know! But it is a great idea to have some thoughts on stuff you would like to do, then give yourself the liberty to do none of them if you wish.


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    My wife and I went to CN for the first time last October. Like you, I had a list of things I wanted to do while I was there. As Maxernie points out, doing absolutely nothing is an activity. I perfected that while we were there. Some call it "sand gravity". I could lay on that beach for weeks watching the ocean, hearing the sounds ("it's gonna be HOT HOT HOT."), watching the people. We ended up doing exactly one thing on the list we had talked about before we went. And we had the best, most relaxing vacation of our lives. When we go back, I'm sure there will be a list of activities. If we get to them, great. If we don't, even better!

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    I totally understand the "sand gravity"!

    The one activity I wish I had done while it was still offered was the kitchen tour. It is amazing to me how they put out so much good food. I can tell that the footprint of that part of the resort is not very large, yet they do amazing things. I would love to see where/how they do it. Alas, I must be content with simply enjoying the results of their efforts!

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