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    Default Jamaican Vodka Drinks

    Hello everyone!

    I need help with Jamaican drink names, specially ones that with the main or only alcohol being Vodka.

    We are traveling down to CN this December for our wedding and I want my mother, who had never been to Jamaica, be able to walk up to the bar and user the 'correct' lingo to order a cocktail!

    Thank you for all your help! My mother will appreciate the help

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    Well, Ting and Vodka is insanely good, but the bartenders work magic, even being only given the name of the alcohol for a base. I actually recommend NOT knowing too many things so she can try some specials and neat concoctions from the bartenders.

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    You can have her order a Vodka Ting which is vodka and the grapefruit Jamaican soda drink Ting. A Seabreeze, though not an island name, works as well. They do have drink menues at the bars so you can have her, and you, look at them to choose. I suggest that if she want to go Jamaican though that she try some of the rum drinks. Some blended drinks are almost like a low alcohol milkshake such as the Dirty Banana, BBC, and Humingbird. I went down to CSA the end of April and rum drinks are still the only mixed drinks I order. Once you start drinking it you will find the real joy of the islands!

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    Try a vodka slushie. Also, just tell any bartender that you want a drink with vodka in it and they will hook you up with a delicious beverage. Enjoy!

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    Well our favorite is the Vodka passion made by Franklin at the swimup bar also Vodka with Jamaican lemonade.

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    Simple. Vodka and Ting. Yumm! Ting is like a grapefruit soda and it is a great drink to sip all day!

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    Ting & Vodka! Ting is a grapefruit flavored soda. Clean, refreshing and easy! I noticed that when I was ordering Mudslides, the bartender put vodka in these. If she likes vodka, she can order anything she might normally drink with vodka--Bloody Mary, Screw Driver, Grey Hound are all available. The bars also have drink menus available, so she can look at that as it shows what is in the drink. Jamaica produces Rum so that will be the main ingredient in most drinks.

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    How about a Ceasar - Vodka and Clamato juice

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    Just say Purple Rain!! They are great!!

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    Is the Vodka Passion the same thing as the Love Potion they serve on the Catamaran cruise? That was soooooo good and I've found two recipies online for Jamaican Love Potion. One is made with Vodka and the other two types of Rum. They both taste close...not sure which one is right. If anyone at Couples is reading this, I would love the recipie for the Love Potion served on the Catamaran Cruise our of CSA! <3

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    The Vodka passion is made with vodka, peach schnapps,lime juice and Ting

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    It is not a vodka drink, but there is only one drink you must try while in Jamaica. BOB MARLEY!

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    odka drinking is done in a particular way in Russia. The preferred method is to drink it as a shot. In the big cities, you can get it mixed with other things, but this is pretty rare. Everything is a shot and each is usually accompanied by a toast of some sort. Toasts to family, love and women are common, even at the most informal of dinners.

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