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    Default Question about Wednesday deal

    We have already booked out trip for Aug 24th (Can't wait!!!!) but we keep seeing amazing deals in regards to perks added.

    I think I saw in a thread some time ago that you can add these perks to your existing reservation if you qualify under the time restriction (booking and stay). Is this true? Will this change my current reservation perks ($ 300.00 resort credit)?

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    The new booking basically wipes out your old booking, so no, you can't keep your resort credit if you re-book. You would only be eligible for the perks of your current reservation.

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    You can't add on the "perks" from a Wednesday special to an existing reservation. What happens is Couples will cancel your current reservation and make a new one based on the special that you request. You will have to decide which special has the perks that work the best for you.

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