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    Default Transportation to CTI

    My parents are taking their first trip to Jamaica and are already booked at a non Cpuples resort in Runaway Bay for good reasons. Fortunately, I talked them into adding on a trip to CTI. I am not familiar with CTI as we have always gone to CSA. I know all the right people to call in Negril, but have no knowledge of Ocho Rios area resources. My question is how to transport them from Runaway Bay to CTI? Is there a good shuttle or cab service? Beg Couples to let us pay them to pick them up in their airport shuttle off the side of the road when they pass through Runaway Bay? Help! I really want this to be unforgettable for them.

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    I have used a private driver. I saved their info, his name is lincoln @ 876-827-3014 or Orane is email is They will help you out.
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    I would contact CTI and ask if they can arrange transport, they have airport shuttles going past runaway bay all day. If not, its not that far in a taxi.
    I can promise you, once they have stayed at CTI they will want to go again.
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    I would have them make arrangements through the property they are staying at in Runaway Bay for private transportation. On our trips from the airport, the shuttle has been full of people and luggage, same going back. Personally, I don't even like making the "pit stop" let alone taking time to stop at another resort and load luggage and people from another resort. That's jmo, though.

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    Thanks so much, guys. This gives me a starting point. I am so excited for them to finally experience my favorite island.

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    Couples will not pick up guests from other resorts... only travel between the airport and the Couples Resort. I'm with Vickyj... this is a good policy in my opinion. Just arrange for transportation from the Runaway Bay resort, I'm sure they will get a cab for your parents and be happy to do it. Then they will be delivered to CTI and can start their vacay then.

    Like Vickyj we always vote to NOT stop for a pit stop on our shuttle from the airport to the resort... just get us there quick!

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    What I was truly wanting was to know if anyone had any favorite drivers they use. Several Negril people have certain guys they call to get them around the Negril area and I didn't know if there was such a service near
    the Ocho Rios area.

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    You can contact Greg Connally at he is the best! OR you can just have the resort your parents are staying at arrange transport.

    Last year we stayed at The "GEMMY" resort close to Dunns River for 3 nights before we went to CTI. We just had them get a taxi for us. The cost was $30.00 which I thought was a bit $$ but what are you gonna do? We could have walked outside the gates of the resort to get a taxi to save a few dollars but it just wasn't worth the trouble for us. We would have had to drag all of our bags down the driveway to the taxi since they are not allowed up to the lobby area unless they are associated with the resort.

    We are heading to CN/CSA for 12 nights this August. We will be using Reggae tours for the transfers even though Couples includes the service, that is how good they are.

    Your parents are in for a wonderful treat at CTI!

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    Thanks so much Fluffin. Very handy that they will experience the sister Gemmy in Runaway Bay. This is exactly what I needed. Enjoy Negril. We love it there

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