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    This question is geared for people who have been to CTI recently and went thru the free resort dive. When my wife and I went to CTI 2 years ago we were worried about the swimming test you had to take before being able to go on the scuba dive. It worked out well that year because instead of having to swim the expected 8-to-10 laps, all we had to do was swim down and back once. This was awesome because my wife is not a very strong swimmer. I wanted to know if that is still the case or do they actually make you swim the full amount? I don't want to sign up for it and drop it if a full test is required and take the spots from other guests/waste part of our day. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, Adam & Britt
    We were there mid June for two weeks, went diving most days.
    I can highly recommend the dive team, they were all exceptional.
    We are certified divers and felt very safe under their care, they are constantly aware of everything that's going on and often advised on things before they become a problem.
    We did not do the try dive training, but observed many doing it. None found it difficult.
    You will probably be with Christopher a very patient and caring instructor who will make the whole experience enjoyable and tailored to your needs.
    Britt, don't worry about not being a strong swimmer, I often tell people that diving is so easy a non swimmer could do it. When you are down there the slower you go the better, after all we are there to chill out and enjoy the wonders of the sea, not to race or get fit.
    Again, don't worry about taking spots from other guests, more often than not you will find yourself wondering where all the other guests are.
    We loved it there and know you will too... enjoy
    Say Hi to Christoper and Colin from us, they will remember us as the couple from Ireland who went for a dive in their wedding gear.
    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

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    In Sept. 2011 we had to swim 2 full lengths of the pool. It was a struggle for me because I had a few things working against me, not a efficient swimmer, do not do cardio and used to smoke lol.

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    I would suggest you ask at the dive hut before signing up.

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    Im a certified diver and I was able to encourage my wife to do the "resort" dive, she had a wonderful time and a has never regretted the event! Colin and Christoper are wonderful instructors, they make the guest feel at home, their goal is to make your dive memorable.....and they do!

    Give a shout to Colin, tell him Jim from San Diego is coming again in May

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