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    Default How much do massages cost at CSA? Which one is your favorite?

    We're headed to CSA for our 1st visit this Saturday to celebrate my 40th birthday. I thought it might be nice to get a massage...any recs?

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    Here you go. I HIGHLY recommend the 90 minute hot stone massage!

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    I've done several of the massages. For me, just the ole fashioned Swedish massage works best for rest and relaxation. I loved the hot stone massage, but I feel it should be longer since they spend so much time rotating the stones, I feel like I only got a 30 minute massage. Gonna try the bamboo massage this year! Love the reflexology foot massage. I feel like I need to crawl back to my room since my feet didn't seem to wanna work right!

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    The bamboo fusion was amazing. I can't stop talking about it. I prefer a very heavy massage and felt so much better after. I had this a CSS. Can't wait til next year for my next one.

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