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    One of my concerns about going to CTI (this is where we ended up with our Secret Rendezvous) is that I enjoy watching the people and vendors walk by on the beach at CSA. Musicians, Cigarette Man, Shell Man, Elvis... It's all part of the fun for us and we usually make a point to buy things from these people who schlep up and down the hot beach all day.

    While I can certainly appreciate the privacy and quietness of the private beach, can you still do things like rent jet ski's or parasail there? I'm assuming no Elvis or steel drum bands on the beach.

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    I have not seen a jet ski or a parasail there in my past 2 trips to far as I know the vendors are not allowed on the beach except with approval from the resort. There is a guy that has a kayak full of shells that paddles back and forth, each day there is a vendor set up outside in front of the logo shop and many vendors set up on the beach party and grand gala nights. I have been to Negril twice and got used to the vendors but I do not miss them by any means at CTI- CTI is much more private.

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    My wife and I have been to each of the Negril Couplesí resorts and can understand your concerns and what you said is true. However, CTI is by far our favorite Couples's resort mainly because of the added romance due mainly in part to the added privacy of the beach and the resort. The added beach privacy adds so much more then the possibility that we might want to go jet skiing or parasailing that it is no comparison. I believe if you must have these experiences to enjoy your vacation then, these are available to schedule at the concierge desk. I believe I have seen a couple or two rent jet skis and take off from the other nearby beaches/bays and I know I have seen friends that we meet at CTI up in the ski (using a parasail).

    As for venders CTI brings in a different vender each day for your convenience with the added benefit that they donít holler at you all day ďCigsĒ. I generally donít find people yelling up and down the beach romantic. I also appreciate that kids are not on the beach as well since that is one reason we go to couples rather than other family resorts on our couple vacations. Every beach in Jamaica is public and kids just like the vendors have a right to be there. The beach at CTI is private due to the natural structure of the resort and the beach. You can only access the CTI beach by going through CTIís front doors.

    Enjoy CTI and the added romance you can still rent skis and parasailing off property and the fabulous staff at CTI will help you in this.
    Mark & Sylvia

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    If you want to rent jet skis or go para-sailing, you will need to go to the tour desk and make arrangements for these excursions. The excursions do not happen at the resort, but down in OR. That is one of the things we LOVE about CTI, there is not the constant drone of jet skis or motor boats, just the rolling waves. No Elvis on the beach, no steel drum band on the beach, but there is sometimes a band in the lobby, the sax player on the pier at night, Mike the shell guy on his surf board in the water and the steel drum band at night during the entertainment.

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    No jet skiing. There are outside vendors allowed during the day - usually jewelry (my favorite!!!) and wood carvings. It is smaller, but still beautiful. We love CTI! I tried talking my husband into trying CSA next year, but he wants to stick with CTI, so we will be back next year for our 3rd trip.

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    Couples does have a private beach so no random people passing by. They have different vendors that they invite (hat makers, jewelry makers, tie dye, etc.) and it is totally up to you to stop by their area. We stopped by and found the time spent with them to be more personal and one on one. I personally like the privacy and don't want to be hassled while on vacation.

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    Thanks everyone. I have no doubt that it will be wonderful. I'm just a people watcher. I've brought books with me to read on the beach and never opened them because I just enjoyed life passing in front of me. Although CTI will be a different experience, I'm sure we'll love the quiet and romance just the same. It's also nice to know we have the option of booking something more exciting should we feel the need. 65.81 days!

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