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    Default Lets Get together a One Love Pub Crawl group for July 20th, 23rd?!!

    I am dying to go on the Pub Crawl, but won't be there on Wed! They say if you can get 8 people to go on another day, Lenbert will run a crawl for that group, special-like!! lol... Surely, between all of us being there around those dates (Fri. and Mon.) we c0uld work something out...Please respond to this, and I will e-mail him and get-r-done! (sorry, corny...) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What exactly is this again? We will be there that week, but arriving the 16th, so it will be the latter part of week but maybe I can talk hubby into it

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    @ timandlisa... One Love Bus Pub Crawl takes you to 6-7 bars in Negril. Not the touristy spots. It's a free excursion (except for food and drinks) but you need to tip the driver when you return to the resort. You can do a search on the main messageboard. There are a couple threads on it and you can also look it up on tripadvisor. Seems to have a lot of positive reviews and people highly recommend it. Sounds like fun even though we are not big drinkers we will have a couple and haven't been into Negril yet. Wanted to get out and have some food offsite. The normal run is on Wednesdays which would be the 18th for your week. We have already made reservations for that day (sorry cdjbook) and noticed there is another couple from Texas going that day. Look up on trip advisor and see if your interested. You can contact Lenbert at or give him a call at 876-974-6631.

    @cdjbook... Hope you can get enough people together. We "might" consider the 20th (will be gone by the 23rd) but for the moment we are going to stick with the 18th.

    To All :
    Take care and have a safe trip

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    We went on the 11th for the first time and had a blast. It is a must do in Negril. Lenbert told us he was doing another one on that Friday (13th) . We didn't make that one because it was our last full day at CSA but if we were staying longer we would have gone again. Be sure to go if you get a chance. Lenbert does a great job!

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