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    As each day passes our chances of going to CSS get better and better!!!!! So with that being said can anyone tell me what the details are of being things like rum, coffee, spices, or anything else back into the states????

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    can anyone tell me what the details are of being things like rum...
    I've never really been rum (though I have really tried), I do dress like a carrot for Halloween.

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    Lol!!! Oops!!! See what happens when I don't read my post before I post it... That was suppose to say how do you bring things like rum, coffee, spices, etc. back to the states???

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    We brought back rum, coffee and tea. We found the cheapest place was in the airport duty free shops. You have a limit on how much liquor you can bring back per person, it says right on your customs forms. If you go to the customs and immigration website it tells you too, I cant remember if it was 1 or 2 L per person. Its after security, so you carry it on the plane. They pack it up really nice in boxes so they wont break. When you get back to the states if you have a connecting flight (like we did) you have to go back through security, so you claim your checked bags, put the liquor in it and send it back to go on your next plane. You declare your liquor on your customs forms. Same with the coffee and tea, but there is no limit on that per se, just that you have up to 500 dollars in duty free I think.

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    I knew what you meant eve06 (but how could I resist posting my carrot picture !). Have a great trip!

    I concur with rooroo - the best place for lots of that stuff is duty free at the airport. Plus, the duty free shop does a great job of packaging the liquor bottles for travel (they do expect nominal tip, but well worth it). But be forwarned - while direct flights will let you carry the liquor bottles on as a carry-on, if you have a connection, you will need to check the bottles into your checked luggage (room and weight then become a consideration). Best of luck!

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