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    Default Lobster night at CTI...

    I believe that Friday nights are lobster night at all CTI restaurants. Wondering which restaurant has the "best" one. Leave in 10 days. Thanks

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    We had lobster at 8 Rivers and it was great. I can't imagine it being better anywhere else.

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    Lobster night is on Friday, We had it at the Veranda and it was great. We also had some more from the Patio and is was also good.

    The best lobster was at the repeaters dinner on Monday.
    Irie Mon

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    We enjoyed thelobster at 8 rivers and at the patio restaurant. Best thing to do is to check the menu ahead of time to see how it will be prepared.

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    Last time we were there, we had it at Bayside and it was fabulous!! Then later that night, a LOT later, we went down to the beach grill and shared some deep fried with the staff . It was the best I have ever eaten!!

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    Thanks everyone. 2 years ago we had the lobster at Bayside and it was out of this world. I'm sure it will be "great" no matter where we get it. 10 more days!!!

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