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    Default Are Towels provided at the beach and pool

    We are going to Couples Negril next week and were curious if we need to pack beach towels?

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    Towels are provided for the beach and pools. You can change them as needed


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    Leave your beach towels at home. The resort provides those. At CTI, they are in the room as towel art.

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    Don't take up valuable room in your suitcases. You do receive beach towels which can be exchanged for fresh ones at any time.

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    Skip packing the towels - there are plenty for use at the beach/pool.

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    No, the towels will be provided. When they are wet, you just exchange them at Water Sports for dry, clean towels.

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    No need to bring a towel. You go to the "towel tent", right on the beach by the pool bar, and get a beach towel there. They take your name and room number when you check the towels out. The day before you leave, make sure to return the towels and get a receipt. Make sure you know the opening and closing times of this tent, because you don't want to swing by at 7a on the day you leave and find out you can't return your towel. Not a big deal, just an FYI. If, for some reason, housekeeping takes your beach towel one day and doesn't leave one behind, just call the housekeeping number on the phone in your room and tell them what happened. They will get one back to you within the day. I have heard people complain about this before, but it is truly a non-issue. You can take any towel from your room down to the beach. If you're ever down on the beach and need a new towel, just throw the old one in the basket and the person working the tent will give you a fresh one.

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    Beach towels were provided - no need to bring your own.

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    Nope they will have towels available for use
    Save your packing room!
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    Nope - you should have 2 beach towels in your room when you arrive .... You can trade them in for clean/dry ones during the day at the towel hut on the beach ..... Before you leave, you turn them in to get a receipt that they will ask for at check -out.

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    I never had a problem trading my towels in and I do it several times a day. I tend to go back and forth between ocean and pool and hate wet towels. Never had an issue with it either. I always get my receipt at the end of our stay. It really isnt a big deal, even though some people feel it is.

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    Towels are provided (Tip keep your towels at the end of the day hang to dry in the room overnight for early morning beach goers. Towel hut don't open until 9 or 9:30). Just got back from CN on July 7 wonderful time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoosiercpl87 View Post
    We are going to Couples Negril next week and were curious if we need to pack beach towels?
    There are many towels located at the pool and the beach. You can even take the towels from your room as they are replaced daily.

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