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    Default Louisville Couples!!!

    OK who's all in from Louisville? We will be there from June 29th - 6 July

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    I guess the hubby and I are the only ones in Louisville that love Couples!!!!

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    No, you most certainly are not!
    Champing at the bit for CTI in 322 hrs. tic tic tic

    Go CARDS!

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    We are from Louisville. Going in May 2015. Anyone else from Louisville?

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    Brad & Carla from Florence area, CSA this past November.

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    we will be there may24-30 2015
    mail us: bcoffman2 at gee mail dot com

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    We are from the sunny side - New Albany outskirts. We will be traveling to CSS 3-31/4-7! It's our first trip to a Couples resort. Maybe we should do a local meet-up sometime this Spring.

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    I are the only ones in Louisville. Maybe we should do a local meet-up sometime this Spring too

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    There will be six of us at CSA June 19-26th! Go Cards (except for our two friends who would yell CATS)!
    Everyting irie, mon!

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