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    Default Late August weather???? Your experiences???

    My husband and I are going to be at Couples Negril August 25th-September 1st. As the date approaches I'm getting a little nervous about the weather such as all day rain/tropical storms/hurricanes. I was hoping that all you Couples repeaters could tell us what the weather in late August has been like when you all have visited.

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    Very hot and very humid and occasional the trip insurance.... Typically, we avoid the Caribbean from mid August until mid November (I have been in JA all other months of the year)... But if you are already heading there during this time, just be prepared for the heat, humidity and rain- and if you get a lot of sunshine instead, be thankful! The latest I have been in JA during hurricane season was August 10th- at 9am at breakfast I was swabbing my face with napkins because I was sweating so profusely, at 10 am I was in the pool cooling off, at 11am I had my floaty over my head in the pool due to the rain, by 12pm I was laughing and playing drinking trivia games with the other guests and staff....just make the best out of it!!!

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    A little rain every day, doesn't last too long. Nothing to worry about! We will be there August 20-25. We were married at CSA Aug 24th in 2009, and the weather was fine. It even rain for a while on our wedding day. no problem!

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    Last year the weather in late August was BEAUTIFUL. We had upper 80's, low humidity and a nice breeze. There were afternoon showers each afternoon for about 15 minutes with on day of hard rain for about 2 hours followed by beautiful clear skies.

    The same time they were have a hurricane and an earthquake at home on the East Coast of the USA! SO glad we were in Jamaica at the time!

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    We go at the end of August every year. This year we will be there Aug. 20-31 and are renewing our vows on the beach for our 25th anniversary. Don't know where you are from but if it's the South like us, the temps and humidity are much lower than home. Yes there are rain showers daily, but usually only for a brief time, 10-15 minutes. In all our trips since 2007 we have only encountered one hurricane and it only "cost" us one day of the trip.
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    I guess it depends on what hot and humid feels like to you. We are going for our honeymoon in August 2013. Here in Maryland it has been 95-102 with super high humidity for the past few weeks. I'm assuming Jamaica will be a break in the heat for us.

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    I haven't been in JA in August, but I lived in Florida for 5 years, which shares the same hurricane season. Expect a brief rain once a day (usually in the afternoon). We welcomed the rain because it seemed a little cooler and less humid right after. Hopefully you won't get an entirely rainy day, but it can happen. I would recommend trip insurance in case of a hurricane. Usually there is plenty of notice when hurricanes are on the horizon, so depending on the length of your trip, you'll have a good sense of what to expect (maybe not where landfall will be exactly or what category) to a degree. There are plenty of places to find shelter from rain at CN and still be outside-ish. Take the opportunity to visit with staff and learn about Jamaica and their lives. You might also enjoy a taxi trip to someplace up on the cliffs with a sheltered bar area and live music. A good time can still be had in the rain!

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    You can never tell. I have been to Jamaica 5 times in May but this year it rained almost everyday.

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    Thanks Everyone! I am hoping for short rain showers in the afternoon or evening and sunshine all week long!!!

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