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    I was wondering if I should sign up to become a romance rewards member. Can anyone give anymore detail than what is found on the couples site. I have a travel agent should I still join??

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    YES ! Check out what you get.

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    You should definitely sign up for RR, no matter how you book your trip. Even on your first, trip, it allows you to pre-check-in and get your mini-bar stocked prior to arrival, and you also have the option of taking advantage of a Trading Places day, so you can check out the other Couples resort in the same town (CSS/CTI, CN/CSA). If you are a returning guest, depending on the length of your previous stay(s), you begin getting gifts, resort credits, and invitations to the Repeater Dinner.

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    If you want to earn rewards on you repeat trips ( you will be a repeater!) Sign up and if you want to do a Trading Places at the sister Couples resort in the same town you can. It's painless to sign up.

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