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    Default How are the bugs at CSA?

    Were leaving in 4 days and were headed to CSA and we heard the bugs could be bad. Is this true? Should we bring bug spray?
    This is our first time going to Jamaica and we are SO EXCITED!!

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    Yes, being bug spray . They also sell "Repel" in the gift shop that works really well.

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    Pack it! Our first trip to CSA, we didn't take bug spray and it was $8 or $9 in the gift shop and desparately needed. That said, subsequent trips to CN and CSS, we didn't need it. Better safe than sorry.

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    First, in my experience, its similar to mosquito bites, some people get bit some do not. I am one of those people that gets bit by everything, my husband never gets a bite

    Second, the bugs are worse after it rains. If you plan to be on beach after it rains, spray.

    Third, you will get all types of responses on what works for each person, many saying anything with deet. For me, nothing works. I just accept it will happen. I still spray but i also bring something topical for anti-itch. Maybeif i didnt sprayit would be worse.

    Lastly, it never takes away from my vacation. Have fun, enjoy evy minute!

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    You will be in a sub tropical climate with lots of plant life and dirt! Yes, you should bring some repellant!! Will you use it? Maybe, maybe not, but you should be prepared.

    Also make sure you bring sunscreen and a hat.

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    We always take bug juice but we rarely use or need to use it.

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    Bring bug spray for dawn and dusk on the beach, otherwise the sand fleas may getcha!

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    Just returned from CSA yesterday! I did not experience any more than a few bites outside the piano bar one night. We took bug spray and did use it the night of the bonfire, but I was never desperate for the spray. Go ahead and pack a bottle just in case, but the bugs will not tote you away like they will here in Mississippi.

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    A little bug spray with 40% Deet will keep the sand fleas off your legs/feet if you venture near the beach in the evening. Otherwise no other bug problems.

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    The bugs were not terrible, but I would certainly suggest bug spray. We used it at night, and also sprayed the curtains in our room. It was amazing.

    We just got home from our first trip ever.. left there on Thursday and it was amazing.

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    I havent been there yet but from what I've read on here, you should bring bug spray or wipes.

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    We were at CSA in Jan and did not encounter any memorable bugs. If you are concerned, just throw a can of bug spray in your luggage. We are going back Oct 2013 and will bring a can just to be safe.

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    Never been there in the summer but I wouldn't go without bug spray. We usually are there Feb/Mar and always take and use bug spray. especially if on the beach after sunset. Enjoy your time at CSA.

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    We always bring bug spray as hubby will get bit alot if there is a mosquito within ten miles. Last year we didn't do the beach party because I hate to shower and change into something nice only to spray myself down with deet. This year we will be taking the new OFF!® Clip-On™ (instead of a spray)( . We use it here at home where the bugs are bad at dusk or when walking the dog in the woods and it seems to work pretty good so we will each have our own and might just do the beach party for our upcoming trip in September.
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