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    Default Went to pre check in

    And it says it is for Romance Rewards returning guests. I thought I had read that anyone could pre check in. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Anyone can, but you need to sign up for Romance Rewards first.

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    No, just sign up for Romance Rewards - you can sign up now and you get credit for your upcoming stay!
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    If you would like to pre-checkin you would need to first sign up for Romance Rewards, and then you would be able to do the pre-checkin to set up your minibar. If you don't do the pre-checkin, you can fill out the checklist that's provided in your room when you arrive and then your minibar will be stocked with your selections.

    Have a great trip!

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    No need to respond . Got it figured out. I had tried logging in with my info and it kept on giving me an error. That's why I posed the question. I tried different ways, using my username, then using my RR number, and even email and same thing: error. After I posted the question I decided to try one more time, and I got it working.

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    You would be foolish to not be a romance rewards member so why not sign up? When you return to a couples resort (and you will), you will earn rewards.

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    You have to sign up for Romance Rewards. Once you have booked, you can do that. I signed up and then was able to do my pre-check in like a week before we went.

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    Just join Romance Rewards and you can do it. We did and we are going for our first trip in November.

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    We went to CN for the first time last September. I had signed up for RR as we had also booked our 2012 trip. I too thought you had to be a repeater to use the pre-check-in but I did it anyway and it was great. Got to CN and they handed me a clipboard and all my info was already there. Great! Just had to verify it was correct and add our return flight info and we were off to our room ahead of everyone else who had to fill it all in.
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