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    Default Flights from St Louis

    Looking for advise on flights out of St Louis. Is there any other airlines besides American and US Air that anyone else has used? AA has the best price I have found so far.

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    AA is showing a great rate for some far out dates. Keep in mind that AA is in bankruptcy and USAIR is trying to do a merger with them. There is a chance that your ticket might not be good by the time you get ready to use it. A current or close date would probably be safe but I was afraid to pick AA for our next May trip.

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    If you're staying the whole week you can go charter leaving out on Saturday for 2012 and Sundays for 2012. Check funjet

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    We were looking for a nonstop from MO this time and found out about apple vacations that flies from st. Louis. Just search on their site for flight only. They fly twice a week during the busy season. Otherwise we flew delta both times before.

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    Check the Apple and Funjet websites they have direct flights.

    Delta through Atlanta
    US Airways out of Charlotte

    or the AA.

    We flew Delta a few years ago since then we have flown a direct charter flight each time.

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    We have used Delta via ATL and got to MBJ early in the afternoon. This year we took the nonstop charter from Frontier Air via Apple vacations.

    it's all about the kids

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    We booked through apple vacations (the only travel agent in our small town worked through them) and there are nonstop charter flights from st. Louis to Montego Bay that run twice a week(I think?). It was offered to us with our package but we needed to fly out from Bloomington(where my sister lives) because she is keeping my daughter for the week. If my memory serves me correctly, the charters were on Wednesday and Saturday and the price was the same as our 1 stop trip with a connection in Atlanta. Hope this helps!

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    We are using AA also...for June 2013. Best deal...and just a short layover in Chicago.

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    you might check Air Tran- they are merging with Southwest- and i know they have an option that will run you thru Atl that is quite cost effective. mike

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    When are you traveling?
    We flew Airtran thru Atlanta with no issues.
    It was on the cheap side as well.
    the price not the quality.

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    We booked through apple and flew on frontier airlines non stop out of st louis. When we went last month we flew on a Wednesday and we just booked for January 2013 and are flying on the same flight on a Saturday.

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    We used to drive to STL, spend the night and fly out early on the charters. Past 4 or 5 visits we have just stayed home, took a cab to our small airport (SGF) and used delta. Out early, MBJ by noonish, cheaper than going to STL.

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    Default STL Flights

    We always hit up CN the week after Thanksgiving.

    We've flown every option, including Charter, out of STL except for AA through Miami. The best used to be Northwest/Delta through Memphis but it's not offered anymore. We usually fly USAirways through Charlotte. Those flights leave STL at 6 a.m. and Land in MoBay at 12:47. They have been expensive this year.

    This year we booked Delta through ATL. We fly out of STL at 5:55 a.m. and land in MoBay at 12:45! I found a good deal one day and the next day it was super expensive again.

    I did find our friends super cheap flights on AA through Miami. They only paid $792 total for the both of them.

    Charter is great but they never book early enough to get the resort credit offer.

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    Unfortunately, we couldn't locate any charters that allowed 10 days, so we're connecting in ATL. It was quite affordable.

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    Partyoftwo Funjet has a charter that goes out on Wednesdays and Saturday next year you could do 10 days with them

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    Quote Originally Posted by debbanks View Post
    Partyoftwo Funjet has a charter that goes out on Wednesdays and Saturday next year you could do 10 days with them
    Good to know, not sure how I could find that when I was searching for them.

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    We just flew a non-stop 10 day round trip to Jamaica from St. Louis on Frontier Airlines. It is a charter through Apple Vacations, or FunJet Vacations. But you can also book directly on Frontier, if they have open seats. Right now Frontier is only taking bookings through January 6, 2013. But you can book through Apple or FunJet for farther out in 2013. The Frontier charter non-stop currently flies only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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    We flew non-stop with FunJet and really liked it!

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    Thought I would post that we just booked our flights from STL with US Air for next June. Total cost for the two of us with travel insurance was just over $1100. This sounds high on the face of it but it is about $300 less than what our flights for this past June cost us, so we took it while we could. I suppose we could play the waiting game and see if the prices go lower, but I don't think they will go appreciably lower than what we got, and there is a good chance they will only go up. So we took the plunge and I am happy with what we got. We are scheduled to arrive in Mobay before noon, which is good. And our departure time is after noon so we can at least get breakfast at Palms before we board the go-home bus.

    We had booked our room last month with the early booking special, so we are all in.

    All in all we saved nearly $500 over this years trip. Not bad for a week at our favorite place on earth.

    I am already pumped to go!
    See you all at the beach!

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