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    Hi! My soon-to-be-husband and I will be honeymooning at CTI in October-- I've been reading these forums and many of my questions have been answered but I still have a few.

    If we want to book non-included excursions (definitely horseback riding, perhaps also an ATV-type excursion?), should we look into booking them before we go? Or is it best to wait and book them once we arrive? Does anyone have recommendations for either of these, specifically?

    Are there squash courts at CTI? Has anyone played on them? Are racquets, etc provided?

    What types of fitness classes are offered? Can anyone comment on yoga/spinning-- is it similar to classes offered at gyms in the US?

    I like to dress up a little and feel like dinner would be a good opportunity for this. It seems most recommend resort wear, but would it be "too dressy" to wear a semi-formal type dress?

    Thanks to all of you faithful repeaters-- your answers and responses are unbelievably helpful!

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    Haven't been to CTI (been to CN 5X, CSS, & CSA) so can't help you with all your questions but will say that you do not need to book anything before you go ..... as far as the horseback riding or ATV's ..... It's best to do it through the tour desk at the resort & can be done once you arrive ..... Things like that are very flexible in Jamaica. As far as what you wear in the evening to dinner, you can dress up as much as you want ..... You will not feel out of place ..... It's all about what you want from your vacation & you will see everything from shorts to evening dresses, depending on where the people are having dinner ...... Lots of ladies like to take advantage of the opportunity to dress up more while they're there & dress up every night ..... Me, I like to dress more casual most evenings & only dress up a couple of nights at most out of the week that we're there.

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    Honestly I never noticed anyone in semi formal attire. I think it would have been fun to dress up that much on our trip but my hubby would not, lol. As far as excursions, wait till you get there. there is a lot to choose from but honestly if you want to ride horses and atv's I'd say save that for a trip when your closer to home, unless its the scenery your after, because you can do that sort of stuff anywhere. I'd stick with things only Jamaica can offer, IMO. There are several falls you can visit. We did a trip that included 3 excursion in one day. Black river safari, YS falls and Appleton rum factory. Each was special in its own way, but we wouldn't do them again. The beach at the resort is so fantastic we wished we hadn't wasted even one day on an outside excursion. But if we hadn't we may have always wondered if it would have been worth it. When we go back we are spending all our time at the resort, and only doing the short trips like the catamaran (maybe) and snorkeling of course.

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    The squash courts are no longer there. They got rid of them when they renovated. Dress up as much as you like. You will see a huge range in what people wear for dinner. Book your excursions in resort when you get there. Classes depend on who they may have as a guest instructor for the week.

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