View Poll Results: How far in advance do/did you book your Couples Resorts vacation

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  • Within 30 days prior to arrival

    7 2.71%
  • One to Two months prior to arrival

    11 4.26%
  • Three to Six months prior to arrival

    53 20.54%
  • Seven to Nine months prior to arrival

    87 33.72%
  • Ten to Twelve months prior to arrival

    71 27.52%
  • More than one year prior to arrival

    29 11.24%
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    Default How Far In Advance Do/Did You Book Your Couples Vacation?

    Curious minds want to know

    Couples Resorts

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    Default how far in advance do you book your couples vacation

    Usualyy 6-8 months in advance. Usually due to the specials such as FILA.

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    I voted 10-12 months, since that's the majority of our trips, however, we've also booked 6 months out, and our next trip we'll book 45 days out.

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    Default 10 months

    10 months

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    I booked my trip that I am leaving on this Saturday (9/12)in January which would be eight months ago BUT booked for next September, 2010 when the special was going on which was two months ago so most definitely more than a year in advance.

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    When I pick up our tickets from the travel agent a week before we leave for CTI that is when I book for the following year. Makes it a little easier when you have to leave CTI having a date when you'll be back.

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    Could not pass up the book by June 31 deal! We usually do our booking after Labor Day, putting the summer vacation behind us and looking to plan for a winter break. Now we will be able to enjoy lots of spa time!

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    I'm assuming we can only vote once.
    We've already booked 1-2 months prior, 7-9 months prior and more than 1 year prior to arrival. (Going this Sept and already booked for next Sept) Nothing booked for Jan/Feb, but we are keeping it open just in case Couples throws out a deal "we just can't refuse"!

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    Usually 6 months in advance. But have also booked less than 2 weeks when we needed a Swept Away/Ulti fix.

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    4-6 months is when we booked our trip

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    Our first trip we booked 2 weeks before. The second coming this February we started thinking about the day we returned from the first. We booked when the very special offer was made and the airline published the schedule!

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    Default booked twice between 10-12 months. But one special was so good (thanks Randy), we booked more than a year in advance (19-22 months).

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    Since we try to go every April and October, we just wait for the promos to kick in and then pay the deposit. Currently, we've got October 2009, April 2010, and October 2010 already booked.
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    All 4 trips now we have booked 7 to 9 months to give us time to pay for it. I will state for the record that it makes for a very very long wait though. It is pure torture!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Our experience has been the first trip 3 1/2 months (we had not yet discovered Couples)then it seems to be a sure thing the moment we get on the plane (we want to come back so badly). So this year and last we booked the FILA special in February. With the current state of the economy we knew we had the cash in the first quarter to pay so it all worked out.
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    This time we booked 11 months ahead. Previous trips we have booked 4-6 months ahead. Prices were just too good to pass up this time, flights and all!!

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    We booked once we could get flight info to go along with our plans which was 10 months in advance.

    Some of us would probably book earlier but airlines do not provide any booking dates for flights that far in advance.

    Some of us are at the mercy of the person who creates the rates and posts them for the next season. Maybe an early early incentive program could be created to to spark interest.

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    Not quite a legitimate question, Randy. We booked 2009 about five months in advance. But then you threw out the great Love Away deal, and we booked 2010 while we were still counting down 2009. So we had two countdowns going on at once - 14 months and 2 months, when all was said and done...

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    We usually book international trips 4-6 months in advance.

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    Both of our trips were booked in April for November arrivals.

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    Six months, we booked in August for Feb/March

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    We stumbled upon our Dec. 28-Jan3 in late about 4 months away!

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    Typically we book 3-6 months out. BUT because of the fire that messed up our trip home this year, we won't be coming home until 2010. We booked this year to take advantage of the spa credits and gift shop credits. We have been waiting to come home now for a LONG time!!

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    Whenever the first Wednesday Special was...back in April?? We will be "home" in 10 days and 7 hours, so about 5 months ago. Patience is a virtue..

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    Default 11 months

    We booked during the special, and am now worrying about air fare. It almost seems like I made an error doing it so far in advance. We had just returned from CSS in March and I just knew I had to get back to Couples.

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