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    Default Drink recommendations?

    Ok, Leaving for CSA this coming Sunday and looking for a few drink recommendations. First off let me say I have looked at past threads on this subject and have read about Bob Marleys, Dirty Bananas, Hummingbirds that it seems a lot of you like but let me give you a little background on my tastebuds. I'm not a coffee drinker(can't even stand the smell of it) so drinks with coffee liquer are out. Afraid of the Bob Marley because of the cream de menthe. Got sick eating to many of those square chalky after dinner mints when I was a kid and have'nt been able to eat minty things since. Afraid I may hurl on that one. LoL Not a beer drinker either. Never "aquired" the taste for it.

    Now, with that being said, and whiskey/burbon, vodka, rum being my favorites. Any suggestions besides the old standbys? Never had a martini. Might look into something along that line. Frozens ok but can usually only handle one or two because of the sweetness. Shooters ok too.

    I know.... I can be a little picky. Didn't say this would be easy.

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    You definitely should try the martini bar. There are over 100 options for martinis, and everyone that I have tasted is delicious. You could also do a mai tai, sex on the beach, etc... There is wine available including sparkling wine! Just tell the bartenders what you are looking for, and they will definitely make you something yummy!

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    Not to worry, the bartenders have a folder at the bar listing various drinks and what goes in them, also each bartender seems to have his/her own specialty drink....

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    They have a whole menu of good frozen drinks and I would recommend trying a new one each time the first few days, but my favorite was the purple rain - I believe it was vodka based , but I don't remember what else was in it.

    After you get tired of drinking too many frozen drinks or if you don't like all the sweet ones, go for a Gin or Vodka and Ting. Ting is a soft drink similar to a squirt or fresca, but a much better flavor. I was disappointed my last trip as they were out of ting and didn't get it back until the day before we left. This gave me an opportunity to try their gingerale which was also awesome!!! It also goes well with gin or vodka. We've looked for Ting in the states and cannot get it.

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    They have specials of the day that usually involve rum. Everyone is good. Try them all.

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    Lemon drop martini taste like the candy. I love the Rum cream chilled... They will have a menu of drinks on the bar. Just try it all! It's all paid for and if you don't like it just leave it and ask for something else. Cause in Jamaica is NO PROBLEM MON!
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    WOW.....I think I found my twin in you ;-)

    Try this one....we made it up since I am soooo picky....we call it a SPACEY

    Pineapple Juice

    Another one they made for me at CTI was sooooo yummy but I could only drink two or so because they are RICH like a milkshake!

    Jamaican Smile
    Pina Colada
    Strawberry Daiquiri

    I cannot wait until we get back to CN/CSA in a few weeks!! Have a WONDERFUL trip!!

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    My stand-by drink in Jamaica is:

    Appleton V/X rum, coconut rum, and pineapple juice with a Coruba dark rum floater. Tastes like paradise and will definitely put hair on your chest. (Regardless of what my wife says, that's figuratively speaking)

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    My husband loves the "secret quench". I'm not sure what all is in it, but it has rum and pineapple juice. It's Yummy!

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    Rum cream over ice. Nothing else needs to be said!

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    Overproof & diet pepsi!!..Cuts right thru the chase, not for the weak!

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    Like to thank everyone for thier response to my question. Will look at the menus and see if anything jumps out at me. By the time this posts, we will be on our way. Been raining here along the Texas gulf coast for over a week now. Ready for some dry sunshine. Last year it was a drought and we were looking forward to the afternoon showers. Funny !!

    Hope the time passes quickly for all here till your trip but wouldn't mind if it stops while we are there.

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    I love sweet frozen drinks that don't taste real strong of alcohol. That said I really liked the Purple Rain. But if you tell the bar tender the kind of drinks you like they will mix you up one that you will love. Trust them!

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    Here at CSA now. Two more days left before we head back to reality. Been fun so far with only a couple minor glitches as to be expected. I did try the Bob Marley and it wasn't as bad as I thought. May have another before we go. Can't seem to get away from that rum punch. Man is that good!!! Went on the One Love Bus Pub Crawl on Wednesday. Was pretty cool but as stated earlier, we are not beer drinkers so was difficult to keep up. Had to pass on buying a drink at a couple. We even split a drink at a few places. Would recommend the Crawl if you want to get away for the afternoon and see some of the"local" bars. Was fun but once was enough for us. Belladonna's was the last stop and a very nice lady. She makes some VERY GOOD pizza. Heading out now to breakfast. Thanks everyone.

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    Try Vodka & Ting (make sure you ask for Absolute in any Vodka based drink.)
    ALso you can try a Hunter S Thompson (Tequila & Grapefuit Juice - ask for Jose Gold though as the Tequila)

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    Order a Hummingbird but ask the bartender to substitute chocolate liquer for the coffee liquer. My wife calls it a Raven, but that is just our name for it. I think you'll like it since it is a frozen drink and really nice in the heat of the afternoon on the beach.

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    My new favorite: "BBC" Bailey's Banana & Coconut (cream & rum) Jovion makes the best at the beach bar

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    My new favorite: "BBC" Bailey's Bananas & Coconut (cream & rum). Jovian makes the best ones at the CSA Beach bar

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