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    Default Secret Rendezvous / August weather

    My wife and I are considering doing the secret rendezvous package during the third week in August and wanted to know if anyone had done it before and what their experience was like. Were they given a poor room choice because of the package?

    Also, is August considered the worst month to visit Jamaica weather-wise? Do all the resorts have a handful of indoor activities in case the weather turns ugly? Thanks.

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    we have stayed in Jamaica (15) times, mostly in November or January but a few trips in May or September. We decided to do an SR in September and we have already gotten our resort (CTI), they called to offer a room upgrade which we did take

    June-November is hurricane season, if there is no hurricane then you will love the weather. Had very few rainy days in all of our trips to Jamaica. It will shower during the day but you can find something to do during that period. I can only remember (1) day in all of our trips that we actually got rain all day long, we had a massage that day.

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    We got c-3 at CSS. I don't know what room catagory that was but we had a big living area with a flat screen tv, minibar, a nice veranda, a big bedroom. It wasn't an ocean view but who cares. We didn't go there to sit on the veranda. We saved a bunch of money and had a good time. There are tons of activities if the weather doesn't cooperate. I would highly recommended it.

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    Are the savings that much with SR? I booked on travelocity and we were able to get a great deal.

    But If SR is better we will definately try it next time....

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