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    Default CSA - Beachfront Verandah Suites - Is it worth it?

    Booking my vaca soon and can't decide on a room category.

    Has anyone stayed in the Beachfront Verandah Suites? If so, what floor do you like and is it worth the price.
    Should I chose a different category. We have to have a TV and I love the idea of a true beachfront room.

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    I think this really depends....probably most people that respond to you will say yes, but perhaps they never stayed or considered staying in another category.

    We considered it for our next trip, but for our budget it was bfvs for 6 nights vs gvs for 9. Gvs won hands down as staying at resort longer is more "worth" to us then a room on the beach.

    Just my two cents...

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    Our view from our second floor was obstructed but privacy was good. We could sleep with the veranda doors open. I preferred the first floor for easy access to the beach and the views. If you want a few pics, email me at clemonssara40@

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    If the choice is more nights vs nicer room then you always take more nights!!! If you have the ability to take a better room and max out nights you get to stay they you go for best of the best!!

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    Well for our first 3 times we chose a BFVS and always had a 3rd floor room. But for next years trip we chose an atrium(less money and they look really nice) so we want to try this category. Friends we met at CSA a couple years ago always stay in an atrium and the past spring we looked at theirs and really liked the layout. We thought we would need a TV but really never had it on, we would just use the ipod docking station.

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    In my opinion it just depends on your budget for the alotted time you will be spending there. In otherwords, if you can afford it then go for it. We were in a BFVS last year and LOVED it, trying out the atrium this year and have booked a garden room(first of the year special) for next year. You won't know your favorite without trying them all. Also understand the thought process of your not in your room that much so why not go cheaper room catagory and stay more nights. That works too but 'sometimes" we just want to splurge a little bit and go for the better room. Hard to beat sitting on your BFVS balcony in the evening watching the sun go down.

    Softail19 makes a good point aout BFVS rooms. Request top floor for fantastic view and privacy if you don't mind steps. First floor and your back door is literally steps from the beach but some people tend to look in as they walk past your room. Second floor can be obstructed by trees.

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    We had so much fun and we stayed in the GHVS. I don't think we needed the beachfront access.. even being where we were it took less than 2 minutes from door to beach.. and cl0ser to one to get to the swimup bar.

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    If you have the money, go for it! People like first floor rooms so they can walk off the verandah right onto the beach. Other people like the 3rd floor for privacy and views. The beach is right outside your door. You are going to love CSA whatever room you pick. That place is paradise.

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    First trip was Garden View, and we enjoyed it greatly as we still managed to have a view of the ocean-Bonus!
    The next trip we splurged for BFVS and it was too amazing. I had wanted the 3rd floor for view as many had mentioned but we recieved the first floor. And was I ever glad we did get the first floor. So nice to walk out your room onto the sand! Can't be beat in my opionion. We are booked to go back this December and are sticking with BFVS and hopefully the ground floor! We are fortunate enough to do the BFVS and still our max number of days to stay, so its a win win. But if we could only do Garden Suite that would be fine too!
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