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    Default Join us for our Anniversary Parties

    Greetings to all:

    We encourage everyone to join us for fun-filled weekends as we celebrate our resort anniversaries. Everything is trumped up for the weekends, making them memorable - and DELICIOUS!

    Negril Anniversary weekend:

    Couples SweptAway 15 years as a Couples Resort - October 5. 2012
    Couples Negril 15 years. Opened in 1998. - October 6, 2012
    Issa Trust Foundation Charity Golf Tournament at Negril Hills Country Club - October 7, 2012
    Columbus Day - U.S. Holiday - Monday, October 8, 2012 - an excuse for you to stay longer

    Ochi Anniversary Weekend:
    Couples Sans Souci 8 years as a Couples Resorts - January 18, 2013
    Couples Tower Isle - The hotel that started it all in 1978. 35 Year Anniversary - January 19, 2013
    Issa Trust Foundation Charity Golf Tournament at Upton Country Club - January 20, 2013
    Martin Luther King, Jr. U.S. Holiday January 21, 2013 - an excuse for you to extend your stay

    Join us for the parties...

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    Couples Resorts

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    COOL! We will be at CTI for the anniversary weekend.
    Do you have to pre-register for the golf tournament?

    Carol and Dave.....

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    Randyman, I"m trying to find the specifics on the dates and rates, but I keep getting taken between "We celebrate" and "Learn more". How to I find the rates and dates????

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    Bad Randymon, I just got back and have already booked for next June/July. I was there for the 30th at CTI and had a wonderful time. Stop temping me! You bad Randymon. LOL

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    We'll be there!!!! Can't wait!

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    Oh if only we could be at CTI again in January. Like Diana, we just returned from CTI. Our friends, Vince & Maria celebrated their 35 while we were there.

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    Love to be there but hopefully we have snow up to, and guest's coming out the, well enjoying a great ski season so I can head home at the end of March. It does sound like great fun mc

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    We will be arriving Oct. 6 at swept away
    I hope we do not miss to much on the 5th.

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    WOW - love the lions! Thanks Randy!

    We were able to attend the Anniversary Parties at CN & CSA last October and CTI & CSS this past January and what a blast. These affairs were all unique, elegant and all thanks to the wonderful staff and management at each resort! If you have the opportunity to attend, we would highly recommend you do so!

    Maybe we will see you in January!

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    We will be at CSS Jan 18th (my birthday ) looking forward to the party!

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    We'll be at CTI during the Negril party. Oops, wrong resort! Maybe we can skype with them for a toast.

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    We'll be there for the 35 year anniversary of Couples! Can't wait!
    Don and Virginia
    Port Antonio, JA

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    We, along with our family and friends, will be at CSA for the Anniversary party. This will be our 6th trip to CSA(HOME) and will be renewing our vows this time (40 years). Can't wait!!! Has anyone heard what the theme is this year?

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    We will be there for CN's Party for the first time

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    Do we need a reservation to attend party? We arrive at CSA on October 5th?

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    Greetings to all:

    Beachvaca - you are automatically invited to the CSA party on October 5. You should get a note from the GM, but if not, just plan on having a blast! See you there.

    jjprescott: best bet is to check out rates on our booking engine.

    cawags: no pre-registration required. you can sign up once you're on property.

    Randymon and DW, Deborah, will see you all at both CSA and CNG in October AND CSS and CTI in January.

    Couples Resorts

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    We arrive Oct. 6th at CSA. Is it a all weekend party or just on the 5th?

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    Next year will also be our 35th anniversary. Next year will also be out tenth "Couples" anniversary. We renewed our vows at CSA for our 25th in 2003. You surprised my wife when you read my love letter to her on the phone. I surprised her again when I read the letter at our 2nd vow renewal at CN in 2007. Last year we "did it again" for a 3rd renewal at CSS. (See collage of the three vow renewals)

    We have been to all three of the resorts at many times of the year; we were at hurricane Dean at CN (the day after our renewal there) and we have rung in the New Year twice (2004 and 2007) at CSA. We can hardly wait to arrive at CSS in 29 days.

    BUT...., we have NEVER been to CTI. That is also the only Couples resort that we haven't renewed our vows at.

    Would there be room at the CTI party for two 35th anniversaries? That would be a "renewal Home Run"...

    Gale and Emily
    Dr Bird and Rastagirl

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    Dr Bird: I'm pretty sure we can squeeze in another 35th anniversary celebration at CTI. See you in January?

    Couples Resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Dr Bird: I'm pretty sure we can squeeze in another 35th anniversary celebration at CTI. See you in January?
    Thanks! I teach at Duke University and am trying to find out what my spring class schedule will be. Duke classes start the week prior, so we usually come to Couples during the breaks. If I can get them to give me a schedule that is Mon, Wed then we will "get back to you."

    Dr. Gale Boyd
    aka Dr. Bird

    PS: ...get it... Dr. Bird... ; )

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    Randymon, how does one get information about CTI's golf tournament in January? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Bird View Post
    Thanks! I teach at Duke University
    Googling your name, I have to assume you probably know my old man. He's a Soc/Criminolgy prof/former chair.

    Randy, fly us down?

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    Default Less stress

    It's really great that there are so many beautiful parties at Couples Swept Away. My friend Sharlene Brissett works at Swept Away and it's the best job of her life. She could need a bit less stress though
    Party on, but remember the staff, who give their best to entertain the guests.

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    Please post more information on the golf tournament October 7. What is the cost and what is the format? It is important to know in order to decide whether to bring my clubs or not.

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    Hey Randymon!

    I heard that last year's musical entertainment was some top notch reggae music from a very well known artist. Any hint on who will be there this year for the party?

    We left the day it was happening last year, but didn't make that mistake this year! No matter what, I know it will be an amazing party we can't wait!

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