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    Default Name of "other" resort?

    Quite some time ago there was a discussion about a resort in Negril that was some how associated with Couples. Perhaps owned by the Issa's? I cannot recall now and it's been a while and at the time I found it interesting but didn't think I'd ever need the info so it didn't stick. Now I want to book a non-couples type vacation and can't for the life of me remember the name of that place. Does anyone remember or know? Any info is appreciated. Thank you!

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    wow, I could finally share Jamaica with my family??!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jersey View Post
    wow, I could finally share Jamaica with my family??!!!!!!
    You could always share Jamaica with your family, just not at one of the Couples Resorts. While Idle Awhile may be owned by the Issa family, it is not an all-inclusive resort, but there are all-inclusive resorts that allow single adults and children so that your entire family could vacation with you in Jamaica.
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    Randymon this looks great. Is this resort all inclusive too?
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    Idle Awhile is a BEAUTIFUL resort! You also will have access to its sister resort Hide Awhile which is up on the Cliffs in West End. The other great perk is that you will also have access to the sports complex at CSA, though you have to provide your own transportation.

    It is not AI though. If it were....WOW!! Even if they offered a modified plan that would be awesome.

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    its as simple as the title folks. you are the winner as long as you are the last person to post. then again a mod is gonna win this in the end but that does not mean we cant have fun. so i am the winner

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