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    Default Rooms at CSS...having a hard time

    Hi everyone my husband and I are trying to decide on a room and are having a hard time! They all look so nice! We would like a room with a good view, a large balcony, spacious bathroom(then we can get ready at the same time), and a room that is somewhat secluded from noise (I think they are a bit more romantic).I was thinking a one bedroom ocean suite in block G or D. What's the difference between the two blocks? Also do all of the rooms have liquor in them? Any help or advice would. E great!!! Thank you!

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    You can't pick which block you'll get, just book the room category you want... I 'd suggest the penthouse for what you are desiring in a room.

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    We stayed at CSS in 2010 in a Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite (block E, I believe). The room was spacious and had a big balcony with an ocean view (through the trees and over the gym, but still nice). The bathroom was smaller, but manageable.

    The penthouses might be your best bet if you're willing to pay for it. I believe the had all the things you're looking for. As for your thoughts for being secluded from noise, I agree that D & G are your best bets. I believe you can request one of these blocks and they'll do what they can to accomodate.

    All rooms have a mini bar and they will stock it with the liquor of your choice as well as the mixers. (Ting - similar to a squirt, but much better - and the gingerale are our favorites!)

    I'd send pictures, but I can't get my computer to pull them up at the moment. I'll try again in the morning.

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    A block

    the bathrooms are big and have a big tub and separate shower, balconys are not huge but have a table and 2 chairs. 'A' block is the BEST location, you are close to everything and you can sit on your balcony at night and watch the parties that are on the lawn. You are beachfront in 'A' block and do not have to walk up and down those dreadful steps.

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