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    Default Snorkle sites CN & CSA

    We have been to CSA a number of times and are looking for a change. Not interested in going to the Ocho Rios area but we are thinking about trying CN this trip. Would really like to know if CN snorkle sites are different than the 4 locations CSA uses.

    This may seem like a real minor issue, but we love to snorkle and after going to the same 4 locations for the last 4 years, we would like to try something a little new ( we are starting to recognize the rocks ). It is our hope that CN stays to the north of Booby Cay as all 4 CSA snorkle sites are to the south of Booby Cay. Anyone know for sure?

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    CN does go to the same area of the reef that CSA goes to. However, they also go to areas inside Bloody Bay. As you stand on the beach at CN and look to your left, there is an area where the water gets fairly deep. We went snorkeling there on the snorkel trip and saw sea turtles!

    We are avid snorkelers, too (we have our own equipment). Although I certainly understand your issue with seeing the same reef over and over again, at least the fish and other sea creatures are different every time.

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    Hi Rags722,
    I'm pretty sure CSA and CN go to the same snorkeling sites. If you are looking for something different go to CN and snorkeling off the shore of the Breezes Grand next door. We had a great experience out there. You will need to bring your own equipment though.
    Another option is to book an off site snorkel trip. I know there are companies that will take you snorkeling around the cliffs.

    Why don't you try the discovery dive? If you are a good snorkeler you might find diving an enjoyable change. I did - now I have a new addiction. LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rags722 View Post
    Would really like to know if CN snorkle sites are different than the 4 locations CSA uses.
    Here is a re-sized picture of the card that CN hands out on the snorkel trip showing both Dive and Snorkel locations (the snorkel sites are red stars - there are 6 of them shown). The card has "Couples Negril" at the top but I know CSA also goes to at least 2 of the 3 that are shown South of Booby Cay (Sandy Key and Middle Shore Reef) b/c I've seen their boat there the same time as us.

    I'm not sure CN actually ever goes to the 3 snorkel sites that are shown at the edges of Bloody Bay (Point Reef, Rocky Point Reef, and Little Bloody Bay Reef). We've probably snorkeled 20 or so times with CN and never been to those 3; perhaps that was just timing. But to make this a bit confusing, did do a beginner's dive at (or very near) the last one.

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    We took a private cruse and had them take us to Booby cay where we went snorkeling in some caves there. It was awesome!

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    I was going to suggest the private cruise too. I'm sure you have resort credits to use for that.

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